Inside every Living Spaces location is a Revive Sleep Center, so you can find the mattress, foundation and necessities for your best sleep. If you’re tired of feeling tired and want to wake up revived every single morning, simply come into your nearest Living Spaces store and ask to be directed to the Revive Sleep Center. A Revive Sleep Expert will walk you through our easy 3-step shopping process.

3-Step Shopping Process

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Pick Your Pillow

The type of pillow you sleep on is essential to experiencing the true support of your mattress. We’ll help you select a pillow from our Pillow Bar, so you can try it out with every mattress you test.

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Select Your Mattress

We’ll narrow down your mattress selection in minutes by having you take our Revive Sleep Test. You’ll lie down on a medium mattress, firm mattress and plush mattress to determine which one provides the type of support and comfort you’re looking for at the price you can afford.

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Choose Your Necessities

Now that you found the right pillow and the perfect mattress, we’ll discover which necessities will help you get your best sleep. From box springs and adjustable foundations, to comfortable, high-quality sheet sets, you can get everything in one place, and start sleeping better, feeling better and living better as soon as tonight!

Thanks to our simple, informative mattress shopping experience, you'll feel confident and excited about everything you bring home.