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12 Best Small Sectionals

The 12 best small sectionals of 2024, according to interior designer Brynna Evans of Living Spaces. Read on for her expertise plus what real customers have to say — and explore the features and styles that make each of these products unique.

Best Overall

1. Aidan Sofa Chaise

Best Features: - chenille - customizable - pillows included

Size: 94.5"W x 64"D x 30"H

Why Brynna Loves It: "Most small sectionals are labeled such but are actually still bulky. This one is the true definition of slim, svelte and graceful.”

Actual Customer Review: “AMAZING COUCH!!! It’s the perfect shape and size for my living room. It’s so comfortable and the seat is deep and the back is high. It provides comfort and support.” - Cameron Del Rio

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2. Alana Linen

Best Features: - modern design - great for smaller spaces - solid wood frame

Size: 126"W x 39"D x 39"H

Why Brynna Loves It: "The wide, spacious seats are part of a small space-friendly silhouette. Studios and apartments can now have the best of both worlds.”

Actual Customer Review: “Bought with the left arm side to make an apartment couch and it’s exactly what I needed. Comfortable and good quality. Can’t wait to buy more pieces as I get more space.” - Alessandra C

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3. Aspen Tranquil

Best Features: - flare armrests - sturdy & durable frame - stain-resistant & hand-washable

Size: 108"W x 83"D x 31"H

Why Brynna Loves It: "The slight flare in the armrests is like the mild kick you taste in salsa. It adds just the right amount of flair to the simplicity of a small sectional shape.”

Actual Customer Review: “Great quality and comfortable sectional for my son and I. Very happy with our purchase process, delivery and installation.” - Anonymous

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4. Sebastian Sectional

Best Features: - hidden storage - loveseat-inspired design - made for naps

Size: 111"W x 64"D x 38"H

Why Brynna Loves It: "The cream color slays! It’s so on-trend for minimalist-cozy 2024.”

Actual Customer Review: “I absolutely love this couch, it's everything I wanted and more. Worth every penny. It’s comfortable, functional and well made.” - Norris C

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5. Dante Sectional

Best Features: - sleeper - storage chaise

Size: 103.2"W x 86"D x 32.3"H

Why Brynna Loves It: "A storage chaise immediately opens up more floor space to you. When your furniture is multifunctional, you have less of a need to buy more bulky pieces.”

Actual Customer Review: It is so comfy! We can sit on it and sleep on it. It's a great couch” - Sory

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6. Alana Linen

Best Features: - great for square coffee tables - affordable price point - blends into small living spaces

Size: 126"W x 39"D x 39"H

Why Brynna Loves It: "This look makes anyone feel chic, fresh and like one of the cool kids.”

Actual Customer Review: “Low profile arm, nice deep seat, and a really soft and fluffy pillow top cushion.” - Marais H

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7. Aspen Tranquil

Best Features: - plush back cushions - high-quality interior design look - modular functionality

Size: 108"W x 83"D x 31"H

Why Brynna Loves It: "Design aside, it has a firm feel, which I love for support cushioning during movie night.”

Actual Customer Review:“We are very pleased with our sofa. We had strict measurements we were working with and Living Spaces was the only place that had this sofa so customizable” - Paige Nelms

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8. Alana Linen

Best Features: - three piece - affordable price tag - reversible sectional

Size: 126"W x 39"D x 39"H

Why Brynna Loves It: "Track arms are the simple detail that take a piece from casual sleek-modern.”

Actual Customer Review: “Comfortable, cushioned seat. The final piece that puts everything in place.” - GeneM

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9. Aidan Sofa Chaise

Best Features: - Chaise lounge design seat cushion - best sectional for small space - 2+ seater sectional couch

Size: 94.5"W x 64"D x 30"H

Why Brynna Loves It: "The fact that you can customize the pattern, color and pillows creates so many different possible combinations. Blue pillows with white body, beige body with green pillows, plaid, striped, solids — you can actually become a real designer and walk away feeling like the architect of your own style.”

Actual Customer Review: "Been using the couch for 2 months and so far it’s holding well and very comfortable. The delivery was earlier than expected, took only 2 weeks.” - Mo Abdalla

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10. Alana Linen

Best Features: - extra seating for small living rooms - brown leg finish - cozy modular design

Size: 126"W x 39"D x 39"H

Why Brynna Loves It: "The clean color enhances the feeling you’re sitting on a cloud in the sky.”

Actual Customer Review: "I finally found the most comfortable couch for my family.” - Anonymous

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11. Aspen Tranquil

Best Features: multiple color options - throw pillows included - versatile armless chaise

Size: 108"W x 83"D x 31"H

Why Brynna Loves It: “I love the casual L-shape with chaise. It invites people to take down their guard and just relax! The ultra-comfortable cushions and backrest also help.”

Actual Customer Review: "The wife and I find the sectional very comfortable and we love the cuddler part.” - AdamandLeah

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12. Aidan Sofa Chaise

Best Features: - made-to-order - kiln-dried solid wood frame - multiple fabric options

Size: 94.5"W x 64"D x 30"H

Why Brynna Loves It: “Three luxurious words: down alternative cushions!”

Actual Customer Review: "This sectional is exactly what I was looking for! Stylish and comfortable with a fair price!” - Tom Hin

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