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8 Best Coffee Tables You Can Buy in 2024

It’s the literal center of attention: you gather ‘round it, place drinks on it, store stuff in it and, depending on your house rules, prop your feet upon it. Without it, the living room wouldn’t be quite as organized or centered. And whether it’s cool metal, reflective glass or warm wood, its style transforms a space, truly making any house feel like home. Of course, we’re talking about the coffee table; if you’re just as obsessed, keep reading — we’ve compiled the year’s best of the best coffee tables, based on customer reviews, staff picks and time-tested quality. Browse on, and you just might find the piece you’ve been dreaming of.

Best Storage Coffee Table

Dimensions: 52"W x 28"D x 17"H

A storage design made from 100% solid wood construction, this coffee table boasts a bottom shelf area that maximizes space while creating an open, airy feel. Use it for display (books, flowers, home decor knickknacks) or for storage (remote controls or even board games).

Best Lift-Top Coffee Table

Dimensions: 52"W x 26"D x 18"

The Jaxon Lift-Top Coffee Table With Storage adds a dimension to the Jaxon Storage Coffee Table: a liftable top that allows you to work on your laptop from the couch. A desk, storage and rustic-inspired style companion in one, this design saves space in a sleek shape while adding fresh color.

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Best Coffee Table for Small Spaces

Dimensions: 34"W x 34"D x 18"H

Named after the way it draws your eye and holds it, the Allure Glass is an art piece in and of itself. A sculptural base of wood and veneer in a rich hazelnut finish, the entire design revolves around a round glass top. The dimensions make the Allure small space-friendly, but so does its glass: glass reflects light and is see-through, which tricks the eye, making a small space appear more open, airier and brighter.

Best Coffee Table for Sectionals

Dimensions: 52"W x 32"D x 17"H

Iron, pine and veneer come together in the Mountaineer to salute a rustic ambiance. It has a nifty bottom storage space, but the reason we’re featuring it under Best for Sectional Sofas rather than Storage is because of the wheels: working wheels with a lock and release mechanism make this design perfect for centering in between modular chaises and chairs.

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Best Round Coffee Tables

Dimensions: 49"W x 49"D x 19"H

The Stratus has its dimensions going for it: a spacious circle makes a sleek and wide plane for coffee table books, charcuterie boards and more. No matter if you're sitting on the far end of a large sectional, this table is likely to be within reasonable, strain-free reach. Best for: Scandinavian, modern, industrial styles.

Dimensions: 50"W x 29.53"D x 12.6"H

. . . And for those looking to downsize from the Mountaineer, a smaller version with wheels has your back. Use this in smaller living rooms, for loveseats or two-person sofas. The wood coffee table frame and open shelf emphasize functionality in the fullest sense (and the casters take out the aches and pains that come with moving furniture), and make both versions of rectangle coffee table designs bestsellers.

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Best Modern Coffee Table

Dimensions:48"W x 30"D x 18"H

A modern work of art, or a modern piece of furniture? With the Brisbane Oval Coffee Table, the definitions are interchangeable. Composed of hardwood, veneer and glass, a rich brown finish makes this multifariously versatile — with the kind of chic silhouette you'd find in sleek New York, industrial, and luxury modern styles .

Best Outdoor Coffee Table

Dimensions: 33"W x 33"D x 18"H

It looks like wood and feels like wood, but it's anything but when it comes to resisting weather (the Koro stands up to moisture and heat). The best part about the Koro coffee table, though, is that you get three-in-one: a large table and two small ottomans for endless entertaining possibilities. Try it in an indoor dining room as an appetizer server, as an outdoor dining table or as a traditional coffee table. Pro tip: Use an outdoor coffee table indoors — the material is water-resistant, so you'll never need coasters.

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