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8 Boho Boys Rooms Ideas: Big World Inspiration for Little Kids

In love with the boho style? Start with blank walls and a bare floor as your canvas, then incorporate this free-spirited design style into your boy's room; here are 8 tips for the ultimate style that he can grow with and that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your home.

1. Plan Your Quest

Boho embraces global exploration paired with free-spirited creativity. A sturdy desk and inspiring wall art give him the ultimate place to plan his next big project and smart organization keeps the floor clear for all of his adventurous romps. Display a favorite storybook or two to add vibrant color and personalize the study corner.

2. Celebrate Place and Person

Framed flags ground the room in personalized heritage, and they won't go out of style no matter how big he gets. Add a special piece like a stuffed friend or toy train from early childhood for a personalized touch. Bring in new pieces, like faux taxidermy art and bows and arrows to bring home the boho exploration theme.

3. Keep It Together and Lighten the Mood

Natural fiber baskets and fun wall hooks keep school supplies handy and toys corralled. Incorporate soft earthy tones and rattan for a boy-friendly study space. Natural light brightens the space and lifts the mood, promoting relaxation and creativity.

4. Outside the Lines

Bohemian interior design begs for free-spirited placement of décor and furniture pieces. No rule says desks must be placed flat against a wall, and who says you can't add an emphasis piece like a couch for reading and napping? Mix and match texture and materials to ground the room.

5. Bunks and Banners

Double the room's duty for siblings or overnight friends; bunk bed sets in earthy browns will age well with your growing boy. Banner bunting adds whimsy and a pop of color, and a sturdy pouf and muted rug complete the vibe. Let him display bright art pieces with painter's tape—the tape is easy to remove and swap out when he creates his latest and greatest masterpiece.

6. Organization and Aesthetics

A boho mix of wood, metal and whimsy! Add a favorite sport's themed piece for an interactive wall and make study time a snap with metal hanging baskets and wooden hooks. A kid-friendly potted or faux plant will also bring a sense of airiness to the room.

7. Understated and Stunning

Casual touches and lots of texture bring the room together. Allow your boy to choose fun bedding with whimsical patterns, and add some task lighting for late-night reading. Plenty of storage for clothes and toys will also help keep the room clutter-free, bright and cheerful. And remember to choose sturdy dressers and headboard elements to withstand the rambunctiousness of little (and not-so-little) boys!

8. Baskets for Boys and Toys

Whether searching for character-themed or simple and understated, look for baskets made of natural elements like rattan, wicker or seagrass weave to scatter freely around his room. This will allow him to corral laundry, stash treasures, and secure sports equipment in true style. Plus: these natural, earthy tones are always in, so if you decide to swap out décor styles later on, the baskets will be sure to match!

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Boho Boys Room Ideas

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