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6 Nursery Lighting Ideas for Nurturing Ambiance

From hand-picking the perfect crib to carefully going through wall decor designs, we all want to do everything possible to make our nurseries a pleasant place for our children to grow up in. Of course, no nursery is complete without lighting. Not only are lights functional, but they also create a comfortable ambiance that can take your nursery to the next level. Read on for some lighting inspiration!

Cute Kids’ Lamps

A classic, carved lamp might look great in your living room, but it's probably a bit out of place for your nursery. Why not bring out your inner child by investing in some cute kids’ lamps instead? From light-up rainbows and cartoon characters to animal-print lampshades and bases, there's plenty of adorable lamps to choose from. Light up the room with a glowing giraffe, spice things up with a bright bumblebee or spread some joy with a luminous ladybug — the possibilities are endless!

Light It Up With LED

We all worry about the well-being of our kids. Once they make that transition to sleeping alone in a nursery, it's hard not to wonder: are they sleeping safe and sound in their rooms? While you can't eliminate all of your worries, you can alleviate some of them by choosing an advanced lighting solution, such as LED lights. Not only are these lights energy-efficient, but they also don't release any polluting radiation! Even better, they operate at a low voltage, which makes them safer than other lights.

Dim The Lights

It's safe to say that your lighting requirements change throughout the day. In the morning, you might want the help of a bright, white light as you get your child ready for the day. In the evening, you might prefer dim, ambient lighting that encourages your child to drift off to sleep. Fortunately, you can get the best of both worlds by installing dimmers! Take total control of your lighting by playing around with these controllable lights.

Soften The Night

Being scared of the dark is extremely common, especially among kids. While the darkness does help us sleep, waking up all alone in a pitch-black room can be frightening. Fortunately, there's a solution to this issue: soft nightlights! By using a shade, these lights provide a soft, comfortable glow that eases nerves without disrupting sleep. You can even choose between fun, kid-friendly designs, such as pretty flowers, cool characters and friendly animals.

Spinning Ceiling Fans

There's nothing harder than trying to fall asleep in the sweltering heat. During those hot summer months, temperatures can quickly rise, disrupting your sleep by bombarding you with warm air. So why not kill two birds with one stone by installing a ceiling fan with an attached lamp? In addition to lighting up your room, fans provide refreshing, cold air that can keep your child comfortable during the summer. No need to keep the air conditioner on full blast just to stay cool!

Beautiful Beads

Who said a nursery had to be boring? Instead of installing traditional, simple lights, consider brightening things up with a unique, beaded light structure. Beaded lights are taking the world by storm, with more and more people incorporating them into their bedrooms, businesses and now nurseries. From elegant chandeliers to detailed lamps, there's plenty of innovative ideas that can come from beads. And, as an added bonus, they give your child something pretty to admire!

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