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How to Hang Hats on the Wall (Without Looking Messy)

Many of us have a range of different hats that we wear for various weather conditions. From weave sun hats to warm winter Russian hats, most people have at least a few hats lying around the house waiting to be worn. However, there's no reason that hats have to be a single purpose item and with a little bit of creativity they can be transformed into a major asset to creative home decor.

Hats can be terrific for sprucing up your walls in a unique way. Hat collections are wonderful and interesting, providing dimension and unique elements to interior design. They are also a relatively inexpensive method to add color and texture to blank wall surfaces while creating beautiful and modern wall art.

Rather than simply hiding your and your family's fantastic hat collections in the dark corners of your wardrobes, you can use them to create a fun home design that is eccentric, eye-catching and functional.

After collecting your hats from the deep dark corners of your home, you'll want to figure out the best place to hang them. First you should decide whether you're going for something purely in the name of home decor or if you'd also like your wall hanging display to be functional.

Hats for Home Decor
You may wish to collect hats simply for the purpose of creating an amazing home display. If that's the case, it doesn't really matter which room you hang them in. They can contribute to the personality of any room. They could be the main masterpiece in a retro-style living room, contribute to the homely coziness of a kitchen or bathroom or add to the character of someone's bedroom.

Functional Hat Hanging

If you're actually planning on still using the hats, you might want to take a more functional approach to your hat wall hanging. In this case, hanging them in the hallway so that you can grab them on your way out the door would be the ideal solution.

Laying out the Hat Design

Play around with the shape, texture, and size of the hats on the floor in front of the wall where you wish to put them. To make it easy to grab and go, you might wish to hang your favorite hat in a convenient location. There are no rules or complicated measurements. Make it enjoyable and let your personal style guide you. You can arrange your hats in a horizontal or vertical row, close together, or over a bed to create a headboard.
You could also use them in the shape of a frame, perhaps to frame a mirror, wall photos, an artwork or a doorway. There's really no end to what you can do with them so it might be a good idea to try a few different arrangements before deciding. You can set it up, take photos and compare them to decide.

Ideas for Hanging Hats Around the House

So, you're convinced that your hat collection could be put to better use doubling as a home decor item and have searched the depths of your home to find them all. Perhaps you've also decided in what room you want to create your hat display but are still unsure of exactly how to do it. Here are a few hat display ideas to get you started:

1. Use a Hat Stack

When using a hat stack as the base of your home hat display, you won't need to find all of that extra space on the wall. Not everybody has enough empty space on a wall to create an extravagant hat display. A hat stack allows you to store your hats in a space-friendly way without losing any of that extravagance along the way.

2. Did Somebody Say Hat Rack?

Seeing as we're all about multi-purpose items and finding new creative ways to repurpose otherwise ordinary objects, using a simple coat rack as the basis for your hat design idea is a great way to balance style and functionality. This idea is perfect if you're trying to invent something that adds a smart touch to your home while also making it easier for you when you're rushing out. Both horizontal coat hangers nailed to your wall and stand alone tree coat racks will work perfectly.

3. Hats as a Frame

One of the most popular ways of using hats in home design is as a frame for a pre-existing object or structure around the house. If you've got a large mirror that looks a bit dull on its own, framing it with your hat collection could add a quirky touch. You can also use hats to frame photos on your wall, doorways that otherwise feel bare or an ornamental display you have.

4. Color Contrasting

If you've already got a particular color scheme going on in the room that you're planning on creating your hat display, getting your hats to contribute to that would be a great idea. For example, if your living room is dark forest green with some dark mahogany wooden tones, you could use hats of various shades of green and brown to accentuate the color sense of the room.

Getting Creative With Hats at Home

Hats are wonderful items as they are: they keep our heads warm during the cold winter months and protect us from harsh sun rays during the summer. With so many shapes, styles and sizes, hats also make for magnificent additions to interior design. Creating a home hat display provokes a funky and eccentric feel to the character of any interior design concept.

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