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12 Above Bed Decor Ideas that Make a Statement

Banish blank space once and for all with these 12 above bed decor ideas.

A Step Above

When decorating a bedroom, less is more, as proved by these 12 fabulous vignettes, each brought to life by simple yet stunning above bed decor. As you read through them, get inspired, take notes, zoom in if you have to, because you’re in for a treat. Carefully curated and styled by our on-site designers, these ideas are as fun as they are practical, and will make waking up in the mornings all the more fabulous – even on Mondays!
#1: Minimize the size of your art – but multiply the quantity!
#2: Scenic landscapes = peaceful dreams.

Natural Dreams

#3: Leafy greens are good for digestion – and easy on the eyes, when hung above the bed.

#4: Install a single shelf to showcase your favorites.
#5: Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays!
#6: For a bedroom that feels like an enchanted forest, ‘hang out’ with your plants!

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Minimal Statements

#7: After a long day, throw your hat in the ring – or above your bed!
#8: A simple mirror does all the talking.
#9: No need for giant decor; two or three smaller gems get the same job done while adding more intrigue.

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Feminine Frills

#10: Pastel, or not pastel? Here, brighter and bolder doesn’t mean any less feminine!
#11: Our initiative? Bring back parasols! These vintage scores are nothing short of ‘fun & flirty.
#12: Fitting out the space above your bed doesn’t have to mean the wall per se. It can also mean the space in front of the wall!

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