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How to Buy a Tall Dresser

When it comes to saving space – and maximizing storage – taller is better. Take a look at these tall dresser designs and learn how to pick the best one for your bedroom.

1. Go Sleek

If you’re in the market for a tall dresser, chances are it’s because you’re looking for a design that will maximize storage space without taking up a lot of floor space. But when searching for ‘tall dressers,’ be aware that just because a dresser is marketed as ‘tall’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s also going to save you space. Many taller-than-average dressers also come in dimensions that are wider-than average, so make sure to carefully read all the dimensions when shopping for dressers online.

2. Consider Your Storage Needs

Asses the types of clothes, linens, accessories and/or other items you’ll need to store. If you have bigger items – like coats and shoes – look for drawers that measure around 18” deep and 8” high for maximum storage capability.

3. Opt for Graduated Drawers

Because tall and narrow dressers take storage vertically, they often come in graduated drawer designs – which means the dresser drawers start out small on the top level and widen as they reach the bottom. Dressers with graduated drawers offer versatile storage functionality, making them an easy option if the things you need to store come in a variety of sizes.

4. Visualize Your Layout

A tall dresser isn’t just a means to keep your clothes and accessories tidy and organized – it’s also an element of style. The taller the design (whether it’s a dresser or other furniture piece), the more elongated your space will feel. In a small bedroom, use a tall dresser to draw the eye upward – away from corners and floors, toward a more ‘open’ space. For bold style, consider a pair of tall dressers; placing two dressers along opposite walls will balance your space with symmetry – and up your storage efficiency.

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