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How to Attach a Headboard

Headboards make a bed and bedroom shine. While some beds come without headboards, adding one can improve the overall look and feel. Whether you’ve purchased a headboard separately or are struggling to figure out how to assemble the headboard that has already come with your bed, keep reading to learn how to get the job done.

Step 1: Select the Right Headboard

  • Make sure the headboard is the same size as the bed. If your bed is a Twin, only a Twin headboard will fit.
  • If you’re not sure which size the headboard is, check the width. Line up the headboard with the bed base to see if the drill holes match up to the holes along the bottom of the headboard.   
  • A headboard should be the same width as the bed, give or take a couple inches.

Step 2: Align the Strut

  • Align the strut (legs) of the headboard over the holes of the bed frame.
  • Raise or lower the headboard until it is at the height you prefer.
  • Have a friend hold the headboard in place. Next, place the bolts that will have come with your headboard or bed frame into the headboard bracket and strut hole.

Step 3: Fasten the Headboard

  • Fasten the bolts with a nut until they are no longer loose. If the bolts stick out the headboard’s legs, secure washers to the bolts as well.
  • Step back to make sure the headboard is centered.
  • Tighten the bolts with a set of pliers.

Why Attach a Headboard?

Sure, a basic bed frame gives you a sensible place to sleep. Without a headboard, though, it lacks style, additional back support and wall protection. Whether padded, wood or metal, attaching a headboard to a bed frame makes a drastic difference. Here are a few reasons to consider doing so!

Attaching a Headboard Will Make the Bed More Comfortable. Since most beds are positioned a few inches from the wall, the gap between the bed and wall can make sitting up in bed uncomfortable. When you attach a headboard, you’re providing a better means of back support. Quilted or fabric headboards have the additional luxury of soft-to-touch material – to cozy up your bed’s overall atmosphere.

Attaching a Headboard to a Metal Base Adds Style. Metal bases or adjustable frames are often not designed for style – that’s where the headboard comes in. Attaching a headboard to these types of bases can turn the technical function of your bed base into the story of your personality. Choose a headboard in a color, material or pattern you love!

Attaching a Headboard Protects the Wall. Sometimes, life happens. Over time, scratches, dirt marks, dust and paint chips can make a wall look banged up. Use a headboard as a protective device from these signs of wear and tear – think of it as a barrier of sorts between your sleeping space and the wall behind it.

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