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Best Headboards of 2023 - The Official List

No need to scourge the web high and low for the best headboard research – we’ve got you covered with our official list of 2023.

The Best Headboards: What to Look For

The headboard is an outlier in bedroom furnishings; unlike a bed frame, dresser and nightstand, its main purpose is to accentuate, to add style, whereas bed frame, dresser and nightstand are designed for mattress support and storage before style. (Another way headboards are distinguished from their dresser, bed and nightstand counterparts is the fact that they aren’t handled on a daily basis – and while bed frames constantly bear weight and dressers and nightstands are constantly opened and closed, headboards simply stand there, looking as chic and quiet as ever while all the commotion goes about.) In compiling the “best of” list below, we took this (style) as our first and most important consideration, carefully weeding out the designs that may be harder to style around or aren’t considered versatile enough to fit into a variety of bedroom aesthetics. To help make the shopping easier, we’ve also called out two to three styles with which each headboard will work best, as well as the framework compostion of the headboard, fabric and detailing so that you can better visually imagine it in your space.

Best Overall Headboards

These headboards are chosen for customer reviews, high ratings, affordability and most versatile style. Use them with modern and traditional spaces alike!

Brielle Headboard

Best Feature: Hand-applied nailhead trim
Sturdy engineered framing material supports the outer beauty of the Brielle headboard – a master class in chic simplicity. Hand-applied nailhead trim defines the sweeping curves of the silhouette and contrasts with the white fabric for a touch of industrial style. 

Other great features of the Brielle include three adjustment levels so you can perfect the height, self-storing legs, a powder-coated support system made of steel, easy assembly and designer fabric.

Baxton Headboard

Best Feature: Tufted grid
The Baxton headboard makes bedroom life a little simpler and a little comfier, thanks to an understated grid tufting detail. Rows of squares bordered by a button-tufted application makes the designer fabric come to life, while a calm grey palette calms the space it takes up as a whole. Other great features include a steel core for sturdy support and an easy setup system.

Best Upholstered Headboards

These headboards are chosen for their statement upholstery – statement in both look and feel. Add an upholstered headboard to a room for an immediate sense of comfort and calm.

Bella Velvet Headboard

Best Feature: Velvet
If you’re the type who likes to sit curled up reading in bed for hours into the night, we have a feeling you and the Bella headboard will become great friends. A soft velvet fabric makes the tufted stitching soft and smooth, while the padding inside will keep you cushioned and comfy all night long. Other great features include a strong metal frame and camelback curves.

Linen Button Tufted Headboard

Best Feature: Diamond tufting
Get your dose of traditional style with the Linen Button Tufted headboard. Perfect for traditional rustic and classic styles or to add a formal element to farmhouse style, the linen upholstery combined with the statement pattern tufting is the perfect complement. Other great features of the Linen Button Tufted headboard include a comfy foam padding, wood and metal frame for durability, easy and fast setup time and a chic neutral finish for styling versatility.

Best Affordable Headboards

These headboards are chosen specifically for their affordability and the value they bring to a bedroom. If you’re on a budget, choose either of these designs to spend less for more.

Nail Trim Camelback Headboard

Best Feature: Camelback silhouette
The Nail Trim Camelback headboard is for anyone who needs a headboard – but lives by the motto that the simpler, the better. Featuring a monochrome grey fabric stretched over a sturdy frame, the Camleback adds just the right amount of style with a minimalist curved top. Pair this with modern, contemporary, rustic-chic and traditional style aesthetics. Other great features of the Camelback headboard include foam padding and a wood-and-metal frame.

Blakely Upholstered Headboard

Best Feature: Hand-tufted
Before we get to the looks, let’s talk about the easy set-up: three adjustment levels make it easy to fit into any space, while self-storing legs easily hold on to bed frames. In terms of style, the Blakely’s graceful lines, channel tufting accents and statement blue make it a sophisticated addition for modern and contemporary aesthetics.

Key Features of the Best Headboards

The list above showcases a few of our (and customers’) favorite headboards. Here are a few of the common themes found in our list of best headboards:

  • Tufted. The tufted look has always been in style, taking its roots from traditional Victorian aesthetics. In a headboard, tufted fabrics in diamond, square, biscuit and other patterns create a finished look. Another reason tufting is so popular? The tiny shadows in the indents of the fabric make for a “pillowy” look, adding comfort to bedrooms.
  • Nailhead. Nailhead trim is another popular feature in headboards; like tufting, it’s a minimal touch that goes a long way. Composed of metallic buttons that resemble the heads of nails, the process often involves handiwork and slow, careful attention to detail – making for a finished look that stands out from factory-made designs. If you want to dress up a simple headboard, go for one with nailhead trim.
  • Neutral. Neutral colors in a bedroom help to calm, feeding you a balanced mood both when you wake up and as you fall asleep. Since a headboard goes directly above your bed, the color you choose for it is crucial – you’ll be sleeping directly under its energy every night! You can never go wrong with light beiges, creams, naturals, browns and taupes in a headboard.
  • Geometric. A geometric shape such as a square headboard or rectangle headboard is simple and classic. While curved is more traditional, angled geometric silhouettes create a modern vibe. If you’re styling a boy’s bedroom or a bedroom for couples, consider an angled geometric over an arched headboard for a more masculine vibe.
  • Curved. Curved headboards are traditional but can blend in easily with modern and contemporary styles. These shapes are best for a room with more femininity (such as girls’ bedrooms or glam-style bedrooms). Styles range from arched, wavy and scalloped silhouettes, and can often be found with nailhead trim or tufted patterns.
  • Solid. Solid headboards, meaning any headboards without a pattern, are simple, versatile and timeless. Patterns may be enticing, especially for kids’ rooms and especially if the pattern is a print of a cartoon character, hobby or art symbol you or your child loves, but for the sake of style that you’ll never grow tired of, it’s best to stick with a “clean slate” headboard. (Remember, you can always incorporate favorite characters, hobbies and art symbols through smaller and more affordable means such as a framed print or pillow, both of which are easier to swap out as your tastes change.)
  • Upholstered. Finally, an upholstered headboard creates a bedroom you’ll look forward to sleeping in every night. Softness of fabric is comforting – even if it’s just to look at and not to touch. Use an upholstered headboard for kids’ and adults’ bedrooms alike; a soft, comforting bedroom feel is not restricted to certain ages!

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