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Why Beautyrest?

With each groundbreaking sleep technology, Beautyrest has been pioneering its way through the mattress industry since 1925 – and today has secured its spot as one of the leading mattress companies in the world. If it weren't for Beautyrest, the world may never have been introduced to the Pocketed Coil, King size mattress, Queen size mattress, no-flip mattress, and even the hybrid mattress – all of which make up Beautyrest's growing list groundbreaking inventions.

History of Beautyrest

The history of Beautyrest starts in 1925, when Simmons Bedding Company first developed one of the most groundbreaking technologies ever to be introduced to the mattress industry: a machine that produced Pocketed Coils by coiling wires and inserting them into fabric pockets. As a result of this process, the luxurious comfort of Pocketed Coil technology instantly became widely affordable to the masses – and would go on to transform the way the world sleeps.

beautyrest hybrid innerspring

Pocketed Coil Technology

beautyrest hybrid innerspring 2

In each Beautyrest mattress is a support layer made with Beautyrest's innovative Pocketed Coils. Featuring individual coils wrapped in fabric, Beautyrest's system of Pocketed Coils works while you sleep to provide targeted support; in many Beautyrest mattresses, Pocketed Coils are combined with energy foam and gel memory foam for the ultimate in responsive comfort.

Meticulously crafted from high-carbon steel, each Pocketed Coil that goes into a Beautyrest mattress is designed to act as a custom-gauge coil – uniquely-shaped and pre-loaded to deliver responsive support.

A Cooler Night's Sleep

Beautyrest mattresses that keep you cool are able to do so through PCM, or phase change material. Used to absorb heat, Beautyrest's phase change material works to regulate your body temperature while you sleep, so that you stay cool when the weather's hot – and warm when it's cold.

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