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Gel-Infused memory foam pillow

What Is a Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow?

Combining the best of both adaptive memory foam and cooling gel, gel-foam pillows bring advanced comfort technology to transform the way you sleep.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Just as the name sounds, gel-infused memory foam pillows are pillows made with memory foam that has been infused with gel particles or beads. This means that the gel is spread evenly throughout the memory foam – from the core to surface.

Gel-Coated Memory Foam

Gel-coated memory foam is another common type of gel-foam found in both pillows and mattresses. In a gel-coated memory foam pillow, the gel is found only on the surface of the memory foam material.

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What Are the Cooling Benefits of Gel Foam?

Cooling benefits of gel foam

Whether infused or coated, gel brings an extra-cool feel to memory foam pillows. This is thanks in part to the liquid properties of gel. Because gel is part-liquid, and because liquid is a known cooling agent, gel-infused memory foam helps to disperse heat and keep you cooler for longer periods of time.

The second way gel memory foam helps keep you cool is by increasing the airflow within the memory foam. During the manufacturing process, the act of infusing gel into memory foam helps to create more open-air passageways, increasing breathability – and allowing heat to more easily disperse and escape.

What Are the Supportive Benefits of Gel Foam?

Another benefit of gel is that it offers high support, and when combined with memory foam, promotes proper neck and spinal alignment. While the density of gel makes it super-supportive, the liquid properties of gel give it a slow-conforming effect, allowing it to mold to the exact shape of your head, neck and shoulders.

supportive benefits of gel foam

Memory Foam vs. Gel Memory Foam

Memory foam is foam-only. Gel memory foam is foam with tiny gel beads. While memory foam can be designed with air passageways for breathability, gel memory foam is often the premier choice if you want a cooler night’s sleep.

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