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How to Buy a Pouf

If you’re looking for a small, comfortable seat that you can easily rearrange any way you’d like, buy a pouf. Better yet, buy a few poufs to put around your house! This type of furniture is versatile enough to serve as a soft seat, a footstool or even an end table. So if you’re interested in buying a super functional piece of furniture that works well in nearly every room, here’s what you need to know about poufs.

What Is a Pouf?

A pouf is a soft, lightweight floor seat that is reminiscent of a large round pillow. This might sound similar to an ottoman, since it’s small and has several uses, and in many ways, it is. However, as House Crazy points out, the difference is that poufs are typically smaller than ottomans and don’t have legs or storage options.

In most cases, poufs are used for extra seating, so you might see a few around a living room coffee table. But some people also use poufs as a place to rest their feet as they sit on the couch, while others use them as small end tables or even throw pillows. Of course, you can use your pouf in all these ways, allowing it to act as a seat one day and a table the next. The choice is yours!

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How to Choose the Right Pouf for Your Home

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Due to their versatility, it’s no surprise that poufs come in all shapes, styles and sizes. You should choose one or more based on the functions you’re looking for from this piece of furniture. For example, if you mostly want extra seating in front of the TV, you might choose a larger, soft pouf that lets you easily sink into it the moment you sit down. If you think you’ll use it as an end table most of the time, you’ll want a firmer pouf that is stable enough to hold items on its surface, like this sturdy, multicolor pouf.

Now that you have some idea of how firm or soft your pouf should be, it’s time to choose the color and material. Think about which room the pouf will be in most of the time, and choose a shade and design that would match the rest of the décor. And as you choose the material for your pouf, consider the style of the room. If you plan to put the pouf in a parlor that’s more for show than every day use, you can probably go with a rich material like silk or velvet. But if you think the pouf will get used on a regular basis during its stay in a comfortable, casual family room, it may be better to choose a material that’s easy to clean, such as cotton or faux leather.

How to Style with a Pouf

One popular option is to use the pouf as extra seating. This may mean putting two or three in front of the coffee table, facing the couch to help facilitate conversation when you have company. Or you might choose to place one next to the couch for more seats on movie night. This placement is also perfect for when you want to use the pouf as an end table.

Another way to style with a pouf is to use it in place of a throw pillow on your couch. This way, you can put it on the floor anywhere you’d like when you need a seat, footstool or end table. And when you’re not using it on the floor, it’s out of the way on the couch—providing extra cushioning for anyone sitting there.
No matter how you plan to use a pouf in your home, you should check out our selection before you choose the right one for your house. We’re sure you’ll find a pouf in the style you seek when you shop at Living Spaces!

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