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21 Best Gifts for Plant Lovers in 2023

We all have a friend who loves plants. Trying to find the perfect gift for that special person can be tough, but we’ve got some great ideas right here.

1. Wicker Plant Stands

Looking for an affordable gift that's stylish, practical and eco-friendly? Every plant lover needs more space for their plants, and wicker or rattan plant stands are a great option. Airy designs will delight any boho-lover; the more authentic the plant material, the breezier the feel. Besides wicker and rattan, cane and seagrass are also hot trends for 2023. While filling planters with a seasonal plant is classic gifting, a fun and thoughtful alternative is to leave the inside empty but for a gift card to the recipient's local nursery. Present the gift as a mix and match set of different planter materials for the ultimate boho-plant win!

2. Metal Plant Pots

Looking for a crowdpleaser? Try metal pots. You can find everything from steel to copper in simplistic designs to more elegant, stamped options. The great thing about metal is that it's found in every style, from tradtional to boho to modern and everything in between. It's also a given that five years from now, the simplicity and timelesness of metallic decor will still be in style. Whatever your recipient's style, he or she will be sure to appreciate the versatility of these sleek designs. Alternatives include iron, chrome, brass and tin. 

3. Plant Wall Art

The perfect gift doesn't have to be specifically for the recipient’s plants. Wall art that features plants is also a great gift idea.

4. Plant-related Sculptures

Another type of art that plant lovers enjoy is plant sculptures. These elegant metal or ceramic plants can brighten up spaces without introducing more green.

5. Planter Dishes

For small plants or those that grow out instead of up, it's tough to find the right type of planter. A planter dish set is just the thing!

6. Glass Vases

Vases are what every plant lover needs for those blooms they collect from their garden. Make sure they have a pretty glass vase for colorful cuttings.

7. Rustic Wooden Boxes

Wood planters are a pleasant way to hide old plastic pots, plus they're natural enough to blend into their surroundings. Wood is also a friend for contrast: green leaves and colored petals arranged against a wood frame brings out the texture of all materials present. Use a wood planter as a gift on its own, or present with a kit of paint supplies so that the recipient can customize it to his or her own liking. If you're presenting the gift for a celebratory occasion, tie a ribbon around the edges to ramp up the festive feel. Present with or without the recipient's favorite plant!

8. Wall Hanging Planters

Has your friend run out of space for plants? Give them planters designed specifically to hang on the walls, indoors or out. Also called vertical gardens, floating planters with succulents offer a way to stretch decor even further without blocking any of the floor. If your plant-loving friend lives in a small apartment, this makes a practical gift that keeps on giving. Just remember to include instructions with your gift, as vertical growing can be tricky for the beginner. Present with small gardening essesntials like soil food or shine spray to kick the gift up a notch.

9. Ceramic Vases

You have even more options for vases when you branch out into ceramic. Available in many colors, sizes, and styles, they give that special someone a place to show off their floral bounty.

10. Patio Plant Tables

Patio décor involving plants gets challenging since you don’t want them all bunched up on the floor. Help your plant lover add levels to their garden area with some fun plant tables. Even when the day comes that the plants have seen their day (and need to be thrown out), your recipient will still be able to use a table for other purposes, such as for indoor decor. Choose sleek sizes that won't be a problem for small spaces and can be stored when not in use. Choose a style that can go with most colors, can be placed outdoors (if your recipient should want to do so) and that won't feel outdated in a few years' time. Present with a small decorative plant on top!

11. Ceramic Planters

Ceramic pots come in a wide variety of designs, so you’ll find plenty of cute, sophisticated choices to give as a gift. Look for animal designs for the animal-lover, abstract designs for the art-lover and character designs for your more whimsical friend. Since ceramic material is easy to clean, your recipient will appreciate the low-maintenance plant aesthetic. (Ceramic planters are also stackable, making storage a cinch when not in use.) Present with a packet of seeds of small houseplants for a 'grow your own' kit!

12. Baskets for Planters

Baskets might not be great for holding dirt, but they're sturdy enough to hold plant pots. Simple baskets can really add flair to almost any space.

13. Simple Trays

Does your friend nurture tiny plants like succulents and cacti? If so, they’ll need a tray to hold all those little green items!

14. Thematic Pots

If you know someone who loves plants and has a specific interest such as pigs or owls, you can find pots in the shape of their favorite animal or design.

15. Watering Can

Every plant owner needs a watering can. Look for one that suits your friend, whether quirky and fun or elegant and pretty.

16. Plant Covered Pillows

Throw pillows are always a good thing to have around, and you can find them with plant designs and leaf patterns. The perfect gift for a plant lover. Choose outdoor pillows that can be used out or in, to make it easy on your recipient's style choices. Opt for colors like green and blue to make a tropical feel (if it's a summer or spring gift) or neutrals and metallics to make a festive feel (if it's a winter or fall gift). You can also turn this gift into more of a home decor gift by including a throw blanket to match. To really seal the deal, include a home decor gift card, so that your recipient can choose additional pieces to bring out his or her own style.

17. Modern and Minimalist Pots

If your plant friend is a minimalist or enjoys a modern home, cater to their taste with a modern style plant pot. Try planters with painted geometric art, colored tiles or metallic finishes, all of which fit into a contemporary aesthetic. For the plant-lover, bonus points always go to the gift with a plant to match, so include trending houseplants (succulents are in for 2023)! Present the whole aesthetic with a gift card to a nursery, so that your recipient can purchase any extra maintenance items as needed. You might even include a guidebook on houseplant care – something that anyone, no matter how new or experienced of a green thumb they are, will appreciate owning!

18. Garden Stool

It’s hard work to weed and work in the garden, so consider giving that gardener in your life a place to sit while they work.

19. Wall Shelves

Make room for more plants with a pretty wall shelf. Bonus points if it has a space for climbing plants to cling to.

10. Illumination for the Garden

Garden candles and lanterns are a fun way to spruce up a patio or garden area, so pick some beauties to give as gifts.

21. Birdcages

A birdcage is a great way to showcase gorgeous plants, especially vines or creepers that cascade from the bottom.

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