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11 Winter Planter Ideas + Christmas Seasonal Greens

Bringing the outdoors in during the winter helps to keep your home looking warm and cozy, even on the coldest days. It also adds holiday flair during November and December and, unlike your Christmas tree which looks dated on December 26th, well-constructed winter planters can stay in place well into the new year.
Need some ideas on how to construct a winter planter and where to place winter greenery in your home? We have a few suggestions.

1. Evergreen Boughs

Adding evergreen boughs to your mantle and chandelier helps tie together your Christmas tree with the rest of your living room or family room decor. Use pine, hemlock and fir branches intermixed with juniper berries and stalks of winterberry for color.

2. Winter Stalks

Use your favorite glass or ceramic vase or pitcher for an arrangement of winter stalks, such as winterberry, winter sweet or winter hazel. You can also force sweet-blooming stalks, such as dogwood and forsythia, to bloom by bringing them inside and placing them in water.

3. Evergreen Tree

A small evergreen tree can be used as a winter indoor decoration before it's warm enough to plant the fledgling tree in your garden. Wrap the base with natural or dyed burlap and tie a ribbon around the pot.

4. Herbs

Herbs make a festive and aromatic table centerpiece. Sprigs of fresh thyme, oregano, lavender and/or marjoram in an earthenware pot or pitcher can help dispel the wintertime blues.

5. Evergreen Wreaths

Match a mobile of evergreen wreaths to hang on the wall. Start with a piece of driftwood and create a hanger out of wire, so you can hang it on a wall. Then, create four or five simple evergreen wreaths. Attach wires of different lengths to them and attach the wires to the driftwood. Hang the entire creation on the wall. This project looks especially inviting against a white wall.

6. Pine or Hemlock

A simple yet elegant swag of pine or hemlock over your mantle makes an excellent complement to your holiday tree. You can further accessorize by hanging an evergreen wreath on the wall. We think the fewer ornaments, the better, so that the beauty of nature shines through.

7. Sprigs

Turn a simple vase into an elegant and festive winter planter by placing a single branch or sprig in it. Opt for an evergreen or choose something with an interesting shape like winter hazel. Set three holiday ornaments against the base of the vase to give it that Christmas flair.

8. Rough Velvet

Less is more when it comes to designing winter and holiday floral arrangements. We like using a small potted evergreen tree on a side table. Get rid of the foil it came with and, instead, wrap it in burlap or a square of rough velvet and tie some twine or raffia around it.

9. Birch Branches

A large, solid-colored vase or pot on a sofa table is also a good vessel for a few birch branches or eucalyptus branches.

10. Winter Berry Branches

Evergreen boughs and winter branches are not just a good accompaniment for Christmas decorations. They also add festivity and color to Hanukkah decor. Add a few boughs next to your menorah or set a small vase with a few winter berry branches on the first night dinner table.

11. Plants for Every Holiday!

Whatever holiday you celebrate, bringing nature indoors and creating winter planters while the landscape outdoors is cold and barren is a great way to add personality and coziness to your living spaces. Whether you harvest your boughs and branches from your own garden or get them from a garden center, you'll be glad you created a few winter planters this season.

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