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Everything Customers Ask About Live Edge Furniture

Live edge furniture preserves the natural edges of wood, creating a raw look and feel perfect for rustic and organic styles.

What Is Live Edge Furniture?

Also known as natural edge, live edge is a type of wood furniture that keeps the wood’s natural shape. Instead of following the standard practice of manipulating the aesthetic of a slab of wood (by sawing and refining its edges), live edge furniture preserves the unique abnormalities – cracks, grooves, curves and all. To choose a furniture piece made of live edge wood is to celebrate the inherent beauty in the world around us.

Why Choose Live Edge Furniture?

Stylistically, live edge furniture is a great choice if you’re looking to calm down a space. Live edge is unfussy, unpretentious and as natural as it gets – and makes for an alternative to the sleek lines and bright colors of modernism.

Which Styles Go with Live Edge Furniture?

With its warm tones and raw edges, it’s almost as though live edge furniture was made for the rustic, country and cottage styles. However, the options for styling with live edge furniture are endless.

Another great thing about live edge furniture is that since it is not made to follow a specific design, it can blend in with a wide range of styles. Whether you choose to decorate your home using only live edge furniture or use live edge furniture to make a statement in a contemporary living room, if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s a sense of uniqueness. This is because live edge furniture isn’t just furniture; it’s a one-of-a-kind aesthetic, a gift, if you will, that can only come from nature – pure and preserved.

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