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Green Color Guide: Defining and Decorating with this Refreshing Hue

Here’s how to decorate with green – no matter if you’re home renovating or just want to add a bit of refreshment to your space.

What Does the Color Green Mean?

Green is a predominant color in the natural world; found in almost every type of plant, from bushes to trees to flowers and pastures, green marks growth, life and fertility. For these reasons, green is one of the easiest ways to incorporate nature (and the fresh, energizing feelings associated with it) into industrial, home and other non-natural environments.

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Decorating with Green

If you’re looking to freshen up your space with green decor, you can’t get any fresher than with live indoor plants – but the care and maintenance involved with them is not the most practical decorative solution for busy households.

Instead of incorporating fresh foliage into every corner that needs a little splash of green, opt for a balance with green home decor and furniture.

It’s Pretty Easy Being Green (Decor, that Is)

Green rugs, furniture and decor come in a variety of shades from mint to emerald, but don’t let that intimidate you from styling with it. The key to unlocking the calming and refreshing properties of green is to choose one shade of green – and one other defining color to go with it. Green and white, green and grey, and green and brown are all color combinations that will bring out the peaceful vibes of green.

Establishing a Green Color Palette

Love the electric fuel that comes from a pop of lime green, but can’t bear to part from the refreshing ambiance of apple green? If you find yourself attached to multiple shades of green decor, you don’t have to choose one over the other; just make sure to follow the ‘dark to light’ rule; start with the darkest shade of green at the bottom of your room (think rugs and floor decor) – and go lighter as you work your way up.

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