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Beige Color Guide: Tips for a Natural Aesthetic

The color beige connotes earthy vibes – and decorating with it will make your home feel natural and breezy.

What Does the Color Beige Mean?

Beige connotes elements of earth, such as sand, rocks, and natural wool and wood, as well as industry: because beige is calm, neutral and versatile, it is often incorporated into office environments and as a result has come to be associated with dependability and productivity.
The color beige is also sometimes called tan, cream, off-white and sand.

What Colors Make Beige?

Pick any two colors on the color wheel, mix them in with white, and the result will most often be some shade of beige. Using this method, the color beige can be created with a variety of undertones: red- and yellow-heavy beiges will have warmer undertones while blue- and purple-heavy beiges will have cooler undertones, and white-heavy beiges will feel lighter and breezier, while color-heavy beiges will feel darker and heavier.

Decorating with Beige

When it comes to choosing colors for decorating homes and interiors, beige, for one reason or another, is often avoided like the plague. Perhaps this is because beige is not as ‘soft’ or ‘bold’ as other neutrals (think: off-white or slate grey), or perhaps it is because beige is often considered a ‘default’ color, basic and uninspired; regardless, avoiding beige because it feels ‘dull’ is a high misfortune – since it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Beige may be a neutral, but that doesn’t mean it can’t throw a high style punch. The key is to make the colors surrounding beige light and complementary. Place a beige sofa, chair and ottoman against a white rug, wall and curtains for a living room that feels natural and breezy.

Watch: How to Decorate with Beige (+ Other Neutrals)
Beige can refresh, calm and define – you just have to be aware of the colors you choose to pair with it!

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