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Kitchen Island Ideas for Meal Prep & Entertaining

There’s no denying the kitchen island is one of the most practical and timeless of kitchen staples, whether you use it as extra counter space for prepping meals or serving appetizers – or both.

1. Use the kitchen island for practical storage...

Entertaining large parties takes time, planning and (a whole lot of) storage space. Look for kitchen islands with shelves to keep practical supplies, like dishes and towels, on hand and easy to access.
wood kitchen island
farmhouse kitchen island
The spacious pullout drawers on this farmhouse island design offer concealed storage – perfect for organizing and hiding the miscellaneous tools you want to keep out of sight.
Even the simplest details can make a big difference. Here, black iron “door knockers” are the inspiration for vintage drawer pulls – which give the entire island an American Farmhouse feel.

2.  ...and to serve drinks and appetizers before the main course.

Whet guests’ appetites by turning your kitchen island into a makeshift bar cart – perfect for serving savory delights come party time.
 Pretzels aren’t just a crowd-pleasing pre-dinner snack; their natural wood-like coloring also makes them chic, sumptuous décor!

A display of assorted drinks to satisfy every taste – and a sleek vase of flowers for statement kitchen island style.

3.  Remember, too, that the kitchen island doesn’t have to be a ‘kitchen island.’

If your kitchen island is normally in the center of the kitchen, consider pushing it to the side – or in a different room altogether – to make room for heavier foot traffic.
kitchen island decor
In the above dining room, the ‘buffet server’ running parallel to the back wall blends so seamlessly with the rest of the wooden décor, no one may ever guess that it’s actually a kitchen island!
If you are considering transforming a kitchen island into a dining room buffet server, make sure its design already includes all the necessary elements for the switch – such as sufficient storage space and a streamlined silhouette.
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