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Your Decorative Dish Wish List

Your wish list is about to get longer. Here are four decorative dish ideas for every occasion.

1. The ‘It’ Dish

At the end of the day, all we really want is love, security, and a giant dish as a coffee table centerpiece that’s timelessly sleek and also modishly original. Is that too much to ask for?

2. The Geometric Dish

What, you never heard of Dishometry? It’s the study of multi-faceted decorative dishes – and just how brightly, gorgeously, they pop against a warm wood surface.

3. The Rustic Dish

What’s a curio cabinet without a trove of curios and delights? Peer into Tier One, and you just may spot a stack of sleek monochrome black dishes, sleeping in their natural habitat. Peer into Tier Two, and you’ll notice a white serving dish hosting mod wine glasses. And in Tier Three, if you’re lucky, you’ll experience a rare sighting of an all-natural wood decorative dish.

In the world of natural materials and earthy colors, it’s a jungle out there. Navigate with care, and when you do catch a glimpse of one of your favorites, bring it home to an environment where it can thrive – a place where it can blend in with the other decor, and still stand out apart from the rest in its own uniquely, naturally beautiful way.

And for your dishes and your rustic decor, a warm wood curio cabinet is a great place to start. Check out more like the one pictured above for an organic, nature-inspired ambiance.

4. The Gold Dish

Got gold fever? Here’s an easy cure: put your pan down and pick up a dish; this one’s got ‘eureka’ written all over it!

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