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Decorative Vase Ideas for the Flowers-Obsessed

Is your space missing that extra oomph? Here are 13 vase decor ideas to help you get inspired and find your fit.
Normally, we wouldn’t care how you pronounce it. Vase to rhyme with face, or vase to rhyme with paws. Either still means the same thing: a chic way to decorate a coffee table or show off a floral bouquet – and every time we hear a stranger talk of it, no matter how they say it, we can already tell a blooming friendship is underway.

Because to us, vases are the glue that holds all living room, bedroom, and dining room accessories together. They’re simple yet bold – and our favorite way to brighten up a space.

So, normally, we wouldn’t care how you pronounce it. But for the sake of making sense, we ask that as you read the following article, the voice in your head pronounce it vase to rhyme with face. That way, the puns won’t be as annoying – and may even bring a smile to your vase.

1. In Vase of Style Emergency...

...greenery will save the day. (It always does.)

2. Vase for the Finish Line

Winner takes all, with this delightfully bulbous design.

3. Best Vase Forward

For those times when we don’t always feel light-as-air, light, bright decor serves as one of the best mood-boosters.

4. Vase to Vase

In this contemporary living room, neutrals are sleek and fresh – and still, somehow, unbelievably cozy.

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5. Peace, Love and Vases

What’s rock and roll without a little flower power?

6. Wild Goose Vase

Wild berries in a farmhouse jug – the cornerstone of laissez faire living.
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7. Have Vase, Will Style

Decor hack: don’t just match your vases with your decor, match them with your furniture!

8. Vase Your Glass

There’s mid-century modern, and then there’s beginning-of-century modern; with this early 1900s-inspired chalice, still a chic way to do vintage!

9. Vases Loaded

Hey batter, batter, hey batter, batter spring! (It’s in the air, thanks to this fresh flower display.)

10. Basic Vases

Let’s be real: a glass jar is pretty basic. So is a handful of branches. Yet pair them together, and somehow, amazingly, none can top their aesthetic prowess.

11. Minivase

Blink, and you’ll miss it! Miniature accessories prove that less mass = more intrigue.

12. Style VP

Also known as Vase President of All Things Chic

13. A Vase for Everything, and Everything In Its Vase

Sometimes, the simplest things in life are the best things.

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