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Five Gorgeous Gift Box Decor Ideas

Here are five decorative box ideas to ramp up your storage game.
Sometimes, thinking outside the box is overrated, and right now, we’re telling you to think INSIDE it – at least when it comes to clever storage. Whether you want a quick fix for loose clutter, or simply need an “it” piece for your bookshelf, these designs have got you covered (no pun intended)!

1. A Stack of Monochrome Neutral Boxes

Sometimes, ‘Plain Jane’ can be super-chic, and in this minimalist #shelfie, neutral decor pops against a warm rustic bookcase.

2. The Jewelry-Style Storage Box

A clasp-closure front gives decorative boxes a vintage ‘jewelry box’ feel.

3. The Nightstand Accent Box

A pretty bedside table box isn’t just good for looks. If your nightstand is scattered with all your bedtime essentials – books, journal, glasses, lotion, anyone? –, use decorative storage to ‘clean it up.’

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4. The ‘Triple Threat’ Stack

Struggling with loose papers, “ugly” binders, and other bookcase ‘things’ that you technically need, but don’t want to display? Our analysis shows: you need a decorative box (or three)!

5. The Box With Something to Hide

There’s something peculiarly mystical about an antique box or case that’s a little worn around the edges; it gives off a sort of faded beauty that makes one wonder: what rare gems of past romances lie within? It’s a thought that’ll surely cross the mind of any houseguest that may happen upon it. Of course, what really lies within is probably more along the lines of loose clutter you threw in as you were rushing to clean up, but no one needs to know that – it can be our little secret!

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