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Winter Container Gardens That Thrive in Cold

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beautiful garden. All you need are some containers to put your plants in. Let’s take a look at some wonderful winter container garden ideas.

1. Choose the Right-Sized Containers

The containers you select should be large enough to allow for growth, since winter isn’t a great time to transplant your plants. Even winter-hardy container plants should be left in their container over the colder months, whether kept indoors or out.
Select a pot that is roughly two inches larger than the current pot that your plant is in, if it’s a smaller plant. However, if you already have it in a pot that is bigger than 10 inches, you’ll want a new planter that is at least three inches larger. This gives the plant plenty of space to grow when the warmer weather hits, and ensures there is enough room for the roots to spread out.

2. Use Decorative Planters

Are your plants still in those plain plastic pots they originally came in? If so, you will want to move them to new pots as soon as possible, preferably before the winter weather sets in.
Which planters should you choose? That depends on your own personal taste and what your home décor is like. Wooden planters are warm to look at, and the wood also helps protect the plant’s roots. You may prefer something in ceramic or metal, however, so the choice is really up to you.
If you find that you’re running out of space for all your plants, as plant lovers are wont to do, try getting creative. Choose planters that look great and place them on top of bookshelves or end tables.

3. Select Winter-Hardy Container Plants

The best container plants for winter are those that stay green throughout the cold months. If your container garden is outdoors, you want plants that can handle the cooler weather and still look good.
Some examples of plants that you should consider include:
Ivy: As long as the weather isn’t too far below freezing, ivy will stay beautiful in a container all winter long.

Winter-blooming pansies: These colorful flowers will bloom any time there’s a thaw, and the plants handle outdoor cold weather with ease.

Ornamental cabbage: This beautiful plant actually needs a good frost in order to display its best colors.

Skimmia japonica: An evergreen shrub, this plant produces bright red berries and dark green foliage during the winter months.

Violas: If you want pretty flowers, violas will bloom throughout the cold months and give you a lovely view.

These plants all do well in colder weather and will stay bright and beautiful for you.

4. Turn Plants Into Indoor Decorations

Most plants will thrive indoors, so even if you generally keep them outside, you may wish to bring the less hardy options inside for the coldest nights. Adding more plants to your indoor space will not only make your rooms seem friendlier but also boost the energy in your home. Consider hanging them from the ceiling with hanging planters, or simply place them on assorted surfaces to brighten up your space.
Growing a garden in the winter may sound impossible, but it’s far from that. Whether you decide to keep your plants indoors or not, you’ll find that a winter container garden is a wonderful way to surround yourself with greenery throughout the year.

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