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Throw Blanket on Bed (+ Other Styling Ideas)

Throw blankets on beds! Throw blankets on couches! Throw blankets on chairs! Snuggling up just got stylish.

Ragtime Blues

A blanket that’s a little worn around the edges may not be the most ‘prim and proper’ – but it makes for the best kind of comfort.

Decadent Competition

The lush cream blanket is just one of many decadent delights in this living room we’re drooling over.

- Placing a Throw Blanket on a Bed - 

Drape a throw blanket over the side of a made bed. Better yet, ‘fling’ it over the side of a made bed. Trust us: the way it naturally falls will look way better than any amount of strategic placement on your part!

Free Fallin’

Hang up your coats and purses...and pillows?....and blankets? Some may call it eclectic – we call it charming, whimsical wall decor.

Back in Black

Snuggle up with a pitch-black throw, and you may not be able to find your way out – in a good way! There’s something so satisfyingly haunting about rich, matte black and its brooding elegance. Go ahead and gaze into its depths – we dare you!

Brisk Air, Don’t Care

Don’t let the colder months stop you from dining al fresco. Armor up with cozy throws – and keep the party going well into the night.

Red with Passion

Contrast is king in this rustic-industrial dining room – where distressed wood plays on the soft, cozy texture of a layered red throw.

Tucked In

A pop of yellow, folded over a chair’s arm; in a small living room, it’s the little details that count.

Dessert Is Served

A white sofa + a yellow throw go together like vanilla ice cream + lemon meringue. Dessert decor is served!

Fringe Benefits

Take a cue from this fringe-lined blanket: life is better lived on the edge!

Girl Crush

For the girl who’s always on-the-go, simple bedding makes life easier. Layer on a crisp white duvet, throw on a ravishing pink blanket – and you’re ready to conquer the day!

Gettin’ Personal

With a velvety soft finish, fringe detail...
...and rich, pitch-black coloring, this blanket will have you under its spell in no time!

The Story of a White Blanket, Layered Over a Grey Chair

Once upon a time, there was a cozy white blanket who never seemed to quite ‘fit in’ with his surroundings. That is, until the day he met his style and comfort counterpart: the graceful grey accent chair.
Together, they brought out the best in each other, and lived happily ever after.

Rosy Dreams

Deep, pink tones, floral pillows and a backdrop of backyard trees. What better way to greet the day?

We’re All Plaid Here!

It’s okay to get a little plaid every now and then, especially when the weather starts to cool and your living room’s just pining for an extra bit of ‘cozy.’
Plaid + cotton’s always a classic, but our favorite combo’s got to be plaid + fleece. If you want to steal our hearts, wrap us up burrito-style inside a plaid fleece blanket. We’ll love you forever!

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