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Throw Blanket on Bed (+ Other Styling Ideas)

Throw blankets on beds! Throw blankets on couches! Throw blankets on chairs! Snuggling up just got stylish.

Ragtime Blues

A blanket that’s a little worn around the edges may not be the most ‘prim and proper’ – but it makes for the best kind of comfort.

Decadent Competition

The lush cream blanket is just one of many decadent delights in this living room we’re drooling over.

- Placing a Throw Blanket on a Bed - 

Drape a throw blanket over the side of a made bed. Better yet, ‘fling’ it over the side of a made bed. Trust us: the way it naturally falls will look way better than any amount of strategic placement on your part!

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Free Fallin’

Hang up your coats and purses...and pillows?....and blankets? Some may call it eclectic – we call it charming, whimsical wall decor.

Back in Black

Snuggle up with a pitch-black throw, and you may not be able to find your way out – in a good way! There’s something so satisfyingly haunting about rich, matte black and its brooding elegance. Go ahead and gaze into its depths – we dare you!

Brisk Air, Don’t Care

Don’t let the colder months stop you from dining al fresco. Armor up with cozy throws – and keep the party going well into the night.

Accent Throw-Ribbed Cotton Black

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Red with Passion

Contrast is king in this rustic-industrial dining room – where distressed wood plays on the soft, cozy texture of a layered red throw.

Tucked In

A pop of yellow, folded over a chair’s arm; in a small living room, it’s the little details that count.

Dessert Is Served

A white sofa + a yellow throw go together like vanilla ice cream + lemon meringue. Dessert decor is served!

Fringe Benefits

Take a cue from this fringe-lined blanket: life is better lived on the edge!

Girl Crush

For the girl who’s always on-the-go, simple bedding makes life easier. Layer on a crisp white duvet, throw on a ravishing pink blanket – and you’re ready to conquer the day!

Gettin’ Personal

With a velvety soft finish, fringe detail...
...and rich, pitch-black coloring, this blanket will have you under its spell in no time!

Accent Throw-Maryse Rust

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Accent Throw-Fiona Steel

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Accent Throw-Maryse Khaki

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The Story of a White Blanket, Layered Over a Grey Chair

Once upon a time, there was a cozy white blanket who never seemed to quite ‘fit in’ with his surroundings. That is, until the day he met his style and comfort counterpart: the graceful grey accent chair.
Together, they brought out the best in each other, and lived happily ever after.

Rosy Dreams

Deep, pink tones, floral pillows and a backdrop of backyard trees. What better way to greet the day?

We’re All Plaid Here!

It’s okay to get a little plaid every now and then, especially when the weather starts to cool and your living room’s just pining for an extra bit of ‘cozy.’
Plaid + cotton’s always a classic, but our favorite combo’s got to be plaid + fleece. If you want to steal our hearts, wrap us up burrito-style inside a plaid fleece blanket. We’ll love you forever!

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