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Love Yourshelf: 12 Bookend Ideas to Obsess Over

Get ready, bookworms! These bookend ideas will have you bending over backward for the love of all that is literary.

1. Hidden Figures

This bedroom bookshelf “floats” for an airy feel – while black vintage bookends on its bottom shelf keep things grounded.

2. A Scandinavian Scavenger Hunt

A collection of good bookcase decor is kind of like a good book: both can cast an air of intrigue, drawing you in for a closer look.

3. A Ceramics Sandwich

On the menu: chic bookend vases, hot off the kiln.

4. Crystal Cove

It’s crystal clear: Two crystal bookends spin tales of grand adventure – as grand, even, as the ones between them!

5. Secret Garden

Growing plants on a shelf cast a breath of fresh air over the books surrounding them – even the centuries-old classics.

6. Any Way You Dice It

Here are the rules of the game: when you bet on block-sized dice bookends, you’ll bring home an air of charm-and-whimsy, every time.

7. How We Roll

Bicycle bookends = a reminder to enjoy life’s ride.

8. A Little Boxy

Get boxy with bookends that double as chic storage.

9. A Medley of Metals

Iron, copper, silver, oh my!

10. Worldly Wonders

If your books transport you to lands far and wide, then opt for bookend souvenirs from all over the world – for proper bookend support!

11. Levelled Up

A stack of très chic coffee table books, and a pot of flowers to go along with it. It’s a match made in interior design heaven.

12. Initially Yours

Remember: bookends don’t have to be bookends. Arrange one on a desk, mantelpiece or side table for standalone style (no books needed!)

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