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12 Succulent Planter Ideas

12 succulent planter ideas to show off agave, aloe and more. Flower pots for houseplants, container gardens and more create a relaxing home.

1. Small Succulents
Miniatures are all about detail, creating a world with tiny things. It fills in the spaces that other objects are too big for; it brings to life the overlooked and forgotten corners. Fill a forgotten space in a bookcase, countertop or console table with a tiny, tiny succulent pot for a micro splash of life where guests would least expect it.
wall planters
2. Wall Planters
Wall-planted succulent gardens add a living ecosystem feel to the home. An entire wall plastered with leafy greens helps cleanse the air, draw the eye upward and add major color (green!) to the room. Since succulents are the easiest plant to grow on the wall, they’re also the most popular. Hook your wall up with a vertical garden design trough and get growing!
3. Outdoor Style
Stuff some succulents into an outdoor planter and be amazed at the ensuing character infused into your garden. Perfect for cottage and country homes, planters with tall legs can be placed on patios, porches, along pathways (which are becoming more and more popular with cottage and country styles) and more.

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4. Metal Succulent Containers
A metal container for a succulent introduces yet another element (who knew there were so many?) to the succulent aesthetic: contrast. The coldness and hardness of metal combined with the softness and warmth of living leaves provides an interesting enough scheme to make your home feel infinitely inspired.
5. Clay + Terracotta Pots
Clay pots are the brick house of architecture: they’re classic and simple. In the “town” that is the “garden,” rows of clay pots are the cottage homes lining greenery-infused streets. Paint them or leave them in their iconic terracotta coloring, either way, you can’t go wrong with succulents in these babies.
concrete planters
6. Concrete Planters
On the opposite end of the spectrum from clay pots, concrete planters rise to a grand level — stylistically and literally. Standing tall, made of one of the most durable materials for outdoor pieces, these designs add distinguished aesthetic to outdoor and indoor succulents. Choose larger succulents to fill in these classic pieces to match the larger scale that comes with concrete.

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7. Hanging Planter
In need of style that swings? Try hanging planters, which offer more wiggle room (literally) than countertop planters. With origins in the boho style, these planters have a foot in both boho and contemporary/modern doors. Use them to add a relaxed and homey feel to any space — bedrooms, home office and more!
8. Floor Succulents
Floor succulents give floors a lift with plant pots arrangements. Go tall and have your cactus, jade and snake plant stand out. The best place for floor pots? Corners of hallways, next to console tables and next to sofas. (When placed alone or not in a corner, anything on the floor can “jump out” at guests unfamiliar with your floor plan.)
9. Succulent Centerpieces
Succulent in the center of the table isn’t like a floral centerpiece in that you buy it one day just to have it wither away the next. Remarkably tough, these desert, beach and mountain natives are next to impossible to kill, no matter your green thumb level. Place them as a centerpiece for a dinner setting, and keep them there for the days, weeks and months to come.

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10. Terrarium
A DIY succulent terrarium is like a peek into a miniature ecosystem, a whole little world contained by glass — the plant version of aquariums. They tell stories of plant species: how one interacts with the other, how one’s colors stand out from another’s, and how all form a picture-like aesthetic when combined.
11. Aloe Decor
Aloe vera is a heaven-sent, low-maintenance species of indoor plant for the novice decorator-gardener. Surviving dry indoor environments, it can go more than most without water thanks to its thick leaves and stems. It is also an aesthetic moment: sleek leaves, straight up and down stems and crisp desert-green hue arrive on time for the latest minimalist trends.
colorful succulents
12. Colorful Succulents
While succulents are easy and popular, they’re also green — a whole lot of it. Decorating with so many succulents can and will call for a splash of different color every once in a while, especially if you want your space to feel set apart and refreshed. The best succulents to do that? Red pagoda, pigmyweeds and moon cactus, just to name a few.

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