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11 Small Entryway Ideas That Deliver Big Style

Creating a small vignette in the entryway of your home combines functionality with warmth and a welcome to visitors. Your furnishings can be minimalist, with plants and a table for keys, or you can combine smart solutions with your decor to add storage in a small space. Here are 11 great entryway ideas for people who have limited space!

1. Minimal and Modern

The modern, minimalist look is sleek and stylish, with a monochromatic color palette and clean lines. The entry table has minimal embellishments, and the black wall sconces complement the back hardware of the table. A delicate piece of art using the same black and white colors ties everything together. For this style, less is more, emphasizing clean lines and simple but high-quality furnishings.

2. Mirrors = Big Room Illusion

Mirrors reflect light and make smaller spaces feel bigger. A larger mirror in your entryway can make a dim and small space feel larger and lighter. With plenty of open, negative space, this entry table also helps make the room feel larger. Live plants add warmth, which is echoed by the natural wood of the side table. Finish this look with decorative vases or bowls or an additional small plant.

3. Create a Small Gallery

If you have plenty of wall space in your entryway, put it to use by creating a small gallery. Mix original artwork with prints, or opt for professional family photos in black and white. This look is functional, with a lively coat hook on the wall, a small basket for storage, and a comfortable bench for putting shoes on. Live plants create warmth, while the decorative pillow on your bench can bring out some of the colors in your gallery artwork.

4. Benches With Storage Room

Benches with storage offer dual functionality, allowing you somewhere to take your shoes on and off plus store your boots, umbrella, extra blankets, or anything else. This bench has a bottom shelf that you can place storage baskets on or opt for a bench with drawers for storage instead. Enhance the padded bench with a couple of brightly colored throw pillows and choose baskets that provide visual contrast with the bench itself.

5. Bookcases for Storage+ Décor

Line one wall of your entryway with large, open bookcases, and mix and match differently sized storage baskets to add extra storage space. These open shelves flank a storage table, and the dark stain of the natural wood creates the impression of negative space, which opens up a smaller entryway. Using these bookshelves exclusively for books will make the space feel more cramped. Instead, you can store items in baskets and use the shelves to put extra tote bags, shoes, or other items. Place a small lamp on the table and add a bowl for keys and mail. You can place different decorative mementos on the shelves for conversation starters when visitors arrive.

6. Use Baskets To Tidy Up

If you have small children, toys can get everywhere! Using different-sized storage baskets gives you somewhere to put toys that are easily accessible. Little children can easily help clean up after playtime, too. Open-weave baskets can store things like extra blankets or throw pillows, while tighter-weave baskets with a lid can hold lots of smaller items, making your home feel less cluttered. You can place large baskets to the side of your entry table or bench or underneath the bench if you opt for smaller baskets. You can choose baskets that are all made the same but in different sizes for a more cohesive look, or mix and match colors and weave patterns for a more eclectic aesthetic.

7. Keeping It Minimal

A sleek glass-topped table with metal legs is perfect for the minimalist homeowner. You can easily achieve this look on a budget with a simple table, a single print, and a couple of small decorative items or a plant. A minimalist look may look deceptively simple, but this may be the best option if you have a very small entryway. Instead of one large print, you may also choose three smaller ones that follow the same theme or a large mirror to make the space feel larger.

8. A Take on Modern Farmhouse

Rustic wood and off-white furnishings perfectly complement the modern farmhouse décor. We like this round side table and bench paired together because the color scheme is complementary, but the details of the table's legs are interesting. The bench itself, with clean lines and sturdy wood, ground the entire look. Add small storage baskets underneath, or place your shoes on the bottom shelf of the bench. Decorate the bench with a small throw or pillows, or add a hand-woven basket on top. The table has plenty of space for keys or even to place your bag on so that you don't forget it in the morning.

9. Compact Tables

This mid-century modern table has just enough space to hold a purse, keys, and packages, but the slim profile makes it fit better in a narrower entryway. This table can also double as a desk if you need to work from home, with storage inside for a laptop or books. Take care when selecting a lamp for a company table so that you don't overwhelm it – the one we've selected here gives plenty of light and has the same mid-century modern aesthetic as the table.

10. Wall Hooks

If your space is limited to very narrow, then wall hooks can give you the storage space you need for coats, bags, and umbrellas. We like this one for the architectural detail it has, combining form and functionality. If you have smaller children, you can choose wall hooks that are all one piece or hang individual hooks at different heights. Make sure when hanging the wall hooks that you install them into the stub instead of the drywall so that they can support more weight.

11. Don't Forget To Add Life By Including Plants

Plants, either live plants or artificial ones, add life to any type of entry décor. Large leafed plants add height and contrast to the entryway, while smaller plants can sit on a side table. You may also opt for hanging plants, too, drawing the eye up and making the space feel larger. When choosing live plants for your entryway, opt for varieties that thrive in low light if your entryway doesn't have windows or a lot of natural light.

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