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Seven Wine Bottle Decoration Ideas for Merry Hosting

Love wine? You’ll love these seven brilliant wine bottle decoration ideas – which make hosting parties a breeze. Now, drink up, and be merry!

1. Wood Wine Rack

(With a little metal!)

Warm, woodsy and rustic, this dining room nook is a wine-lover’s retreat…

…and it’s made all the better by its insanely efficient use of wine storage. Perhaps the cleverest? The hanging wood wall rack; it’s almost as if the wall itself were a bartender – handing out free drinks, for all!

2. Box Storage

A classic touch.

boxed wine
wine box
If your wine came in a wood carton – don’t throw the box away! Re-purpose it as vintage decor!

3. Below Deck

Cast your eyes down.

Running out of shelf, cabinet, or drawer space? Don’t think outside the box, think under it! A low-tier shelf in a buffet or kitchen island offers double the storage capacity – while serving as beautiful decor in its own right.

4. Cubby-Chic

Wine storage for the Type-A’s.

Who knew cubbies weren’t just for backpacks and lunch pails? When built into a home bar, these cube storage shelves make wine organization easy and elegant.

5. Party Bowls

Just add ice!

A glass wine cooler puts the attention on the wine bottle itself, so use it to show off your brightest, boldest flavors!

6. Basket Case

A tisket, a tasket...

When all is said and done, a good old-fashioned basket gets the job done with simple, airy charm.

7. Cart Gallery

Take your bottles out for a spin.

Not on the cartwagon yet? This stunning gold design will be sure to prove the tipping point. The biggest plus: it comes with four castors for easy portability.

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Wine Bottle Decoration Ideas

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