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Rustic Backyard Ideas: 8 Relaxing Designs

When the weather is warm, there's nothing better than spending quality time with friends and family in your backyard. While fresh air and sunshine is enjoyable on its own, you can make your outdoor space even more comfortable by decorating it. One of the most popular styles you'll find is rustic decor -- here's a closer look at what rustic is and how it can elevate your yard space.

What Is a Rustic-Style Backyard?

Put simply, a rustic design is one that's organic, aged and casual. It's all about going back to simpler times, when people used the natural objects around them to create cozy, homey living areas. However, it still offers the functionality of modern spaces.

The ultimate purpose of a rustic yard is to merge creativity and design with the natural beauty of the outdoors. When done well, a rustic space should provide serenity and simplicity while still offering excitement and personality.

How Do I Decorate a Rustic Yard?

Decorating a rustic yard or patio involves finding and arranging straightforward, modest items that look homemade or natural. Many rustic decorations are inspired by wooden, earthy, stone and rust designs.
Ideally, your rustic space should offer a combination of aesthetics and functionality. It should be inspired by the outdoors, but still prioritize comfort and enjoyment. If you're interested in trying this style for yourself, check out these rustic backyard ideas.

1 | Classy Black Lantern

If you're looking for a simple yet classy lighting option for your backyard, this rustic lantern fits the bill. The elegant black frame integrates seamlessly with any yard furniture, particularly rustic items like plants, stone tiles and unpatterned couches. Rather than display a harsh light, it lets you place a small candle that douses the area in casual, ambient lighting. Hang it on a railing, use it as a table centerpiece, or subtly slip it into the corner of your patio.

2 | Basket Lighting

The rustic style is all about using simple, natural items that still look good. Thus, it's no surprise that this unique, basket-like lighting option makes the list. While the lantern resembles an old-fashioned storage basket, its main purpose is to provide light as you socialize in your yard deep into the night. When it's not in use, place it on your wall or furniture and show it off as a decoration.

3 | Cage Lighting

This old-fashioned, rustic lantern is all about being resourceful. Rather than let an old, wiry cage go to waste, it repurposes it into a new, stylish lighting option for your yard. The lantern manages to accomplish what many modern, flashy lamps cannot: stay simple and classy while still making your yard look unique. Not only can it fit anywhere in your outdoor space, but the contrast between the dark cage and the bright candle offers a truly one-of-a-kind lighting experience.

4 | Brown Metal Planters

Get in touch with nature by adding some greenery to your yard. These rustic, brown metal planters can host anything from ferns and cacti to herbs and shrubs. Once you've filled the planters with fresh flora, you'll notice how the bright green colors pair well with the plain, brown design of the container. You can scatter these across your yard or cluster the set together at the edge of your patio.
Not only does greenery give your yard a light, fresh feel, but it also highlights nature and the countryside (which is what being rustic is all about). Of course, you'll need the right container for your plants. This brown metallic planter offers a naturalistic, almost wood-like appearance that mingles smoothly with any other greenery in your yard.
No rustic-style backyard is complete without a few plants.

5 | White Water Wheel Fountain

Do you enjoy the relaxing sound of fresh, dripping water? If so, then this white outdoor water wheel fountain is a must-have for your rustic backyard. When you turn on the tap, the water will compel the wheel to move, recreating the look of a Ferris wheel. As it spins, water will accumulate in the small tub below. It's entertainment and rustic decor all at once!

6 | Covered Candles

Candles offer a great way to get ambient lighting without wasting electricity. If you're looking for an elevated version of candle lighting for your backyard, try these rustic lanterns. The basket-like appearance gives off an artistic, homemade vibe that lets visitors know you appreciate simplicity and creativity. You can hang them up or even use them as a table centerpiece.
A faded, rusty exterior adds a layer of comfort.
If you're looking for a unique yet simple decoration to spruce up your yard, consider getting a wheel water fountain. This fountain has a faded, rusty exterior that adds a layer of comfort to your outdoor space. Moreover – unlike other decorations – this fountain is actually functional. Just turn on the tap and watch as water drips into the wheel, compelling it to spin.

7 | Outdoor Plant Stand

Every flora lover understands the struggle of storing multiple, small plants. Purchasing them is easy enough, but where do you put them? This three-tiered, rusty plant stand offers a solution by providing plenty of room to show off your favorite plants. Add a pop of color to your outdoor space by filling it with bright pink flowers, or keep things simple by adding green shrubs and herbs.

8 | Plain Wooden Table

No comfortable outdoor space is complete without some furniture. In a rustic-style yard, your furniture should look natural by blending in with the elements, just like this table does. The smooth, wooden planks provide a combination of simplicity and texture. Meanwhile, the plain appearance is perfect for highlighting centerpieces like lamps, plants and decorations. You can use it for holding drinks, eating meals or propping your feet up.

Create a Rustic Space Today!

If you're looking for a unique way to decorate your yard that pays homage to Mother Nature, a rustic style is a great choice. Use these ideas (and your own creative spirit) to create the perfect landscape for your home!

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