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Mix and Match Decor: Do’s and Don’t’s

Mix and match furniture is as simple as four easy steps – and lucky for you, we’ve put them all in one nifty article. Read ‘em and chic!

Do place more emphasis on the ‘match.’

Cohesion is king when it comes to creating a mix-and-match space that feels ‘just right’ – and the easiest way to let it rule is by focusing more on the things that ‘match’ than the things that ‘mix.’ Too heavy on unique colors, patterns and styles, and you could end up overwhelming your guests and perhaps even coming off as a bit neurotic. Tread lightly; incorporate bold accents slowly and with care.

Don’t take inspiration ‘as it comes.’

Which is to say, take some time think about what you want out of your space. Visualize the themes of color and style – and identify the size of furniture and decor your space allows for. You can even create a vision board or draw it out by hand, if you have to! Doing this will help prevent ‘impulse buys,’ keeping you in check from buying the things you want but don’t need. On the flip side, it can also help you recognize the items you both want and need in creating the space of your mix-and-match dreams.

Do consider the scale.

The perfect mix-and-match space is the one that doesn’t feel like it’s mixed-and-matched – it is, on the contrary, the one that feels like, on first glance, it’s all matched, the one that creates a cohesive, ‘pulled-together’ ambiance. A major step in pulling this off has to do with scaling your furniture; keep sizes, particularly heights, similar. Don’t let a disarray of scale create imbalance.

Don’t settle for stagnation.

As trends come and go, so should your home decor; constantly experimenting with questions like, what color of throw pillow best makes my wall paint pop?, or, how can I ‘freshen up’ the look of my coffee table? will keep your space feeling new and inspired, embracing the true essence of the mix-and-match philosophy!

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