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How to Make Your Home Look Expensive on a Budget

The pros dish on the best ways to step up your decor game.

1. Accent Chair

“When amateur decorators talk about living room seating, sofas, sectionals, recliners and ottomans are often the subjects – and not accent chairs. Don’t make this mistake! Invest in a strong statement chair for an easy, inexpensive way to focalize the room." - Danny Ben Hsu, LS Designer

2. Accent Wall

“An easy trick to up the aesthetic value of your home: an accent wall. I love a good wood treatment on a wall paired with a solid, tonal color. I tend to lean towards whites, creams or the total opposite side of the color wheel, blacks and dark grey.” - Jessica Harris, LS Designer

3. The Right Lighting

“A dark space feels bleak and cold and can even ‘hinder’ your design efforts. To refresh your space, incorporate good lighting to bring out its colors and details people might not notice at first glance. Something as simple as a table lamp can create a focal point for the space and brighten dark corners.” – Brynna Evans, LS Designer

4. Tidy Up

"You can spend large amounts of time and money on your decor scheme, but if it’s a mess, none of it will matter. Gain the upper hand by getting ahead of clutter. A clean home feels refreshed and is also a sign of diligence, care and attention to detail." - Brynna Evans, LS Designer

5. Art Splurge

"'Splurge' on an art piece – without actually splurging. Affordable wall decor that looks expensive (but isn’t really – shh, no one has to know!) is the perfect dupe for highly-expensive collectible art pieces. (Both wall decorations and wall art will do the trick.)" - Cha'queza Telp, LS Designer

6. Mirrors

"In Victorian times, mirrors were equated with wealth, and it’s easy to see why. The right mirror will add shine, decadence and reflect natural light. Unlike Victorian times, they’re easy and affordable to come by." - Cha'queza Telp, LS Designer

7. Throw Pillows & Blankets

“If your home feels too ‘cold’ or like it’s missing something – it’s probably missing some layers. Throw a chunky blanket over a chair arm, a pillow on a sofa, or both on a window ledge to give the air a little bit of richness. Sometimes, the smallest details pay the biggest dividends.” – Shelby Greene, LS Designer

8. The Tie-It-All-Together Rug

“Once you’ve figured out your perfect size, rugs can be a game-changer when it comes to making a space feel 'expensive' on a budget. The larger the rug, the more expensive the room will feel. A small rug will make the room appear less grand.” - Shelby Greene, LS Designer

9. A Vase Centerpiece

Vases don’t just look pretty – they also add height, dimension and definition. You don’t even need flowers to make them ‘up the value’ of your room décor; just place them on a table to make a stunning statement. Bonus value points if you choose a gold, silver or solid glossy ceramic vase.” – Shelby Greene, LS Designer

10. Window Treatment

“Natural light is the best style accessory! To really bring it out, finish your windows with some sheer drapes. Hanging your curtains higher, closer to the ceiling will make the room appear larger and taller than it is. It gives the illusion of a taller ceiling and windows.” - Shelby Greene, LS Designer

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