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Lantern Decor Ideas to Illuminate Your World

Indoors, outdoors, ceiling or floor – these lantern decor ideas are as endless as your imagination. Get illuminated!

1. Tabletop Lantern

Looking for a centerpiece to steal the show? Forget the overplayed vase-and-flowers; dazzle and delight with a charming lantern! (And if you’re obsessed with the idea of lantern decor but can’t let go of the vase-and-flowers look just yet, why not merge the two? In a glass lantern, swap out a candle for a succulent – and you’ve got yourself a custom, easy-to-DIY decor hack!)

2. Glowtime!

Just glow for it! Light up the night with a collection of your favorite lanterns...

...all lit up and bunched together for a backyard that’s nothing short of enchanting.

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3. Mix and Match

Here’s our favorite rule for decorating: there are no rules. Pair together different shapes, styles, textures for an eclectic vibe.

4. Hangin’ Around

If your lanterns come with handles, put them to good use. Tie a string around the highest points, and secure the string’s end to a tree branch or patio roof beam. Then, light them up at night – and be captivated by their storybook charm.

5. Floor Decor

Line a pathway leading up to your front door with lanterns, to welcome guests in true countryside fashion.

Or, in a garden, leave a couple lanterns here and a few lanterns there for grounding (pun intended!) decor.

6. Rustic Warmth

The very idea of a lantern is itself vintage; most notably, it was the main source of lighting before electricity. So, for an old-school, Victorian-era vibe, you can’t go wrong with lantern decor – but if you want to turn the vintage up a notch, steer clear of metals; go with all-wood for a softer, warmer, more rustic feel.

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