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Fabric Wall Hanging Ideas - 3 Easy Strategies

Fabric wall art ideas – to keep your room's perimeter from harshing your mellow.

1. Tapestries Are Still In

You’ll never completely eliminate tapestries, but today’s wall hangings are more exciting. They feature textures and colors that you might not have found in older-style tapestries. Choose from a brightly colored wall hanging or something more neutral to decorate your walls, depending on the existing décor.

2. Try Hanging a Rug as Wall Art

Do you have a favorite rug that just doesn’t fit on your floor or is too pretty to walk on? It may be perfect as a wall hanging. Rugs are often used as wall art, and they also help insulate your walls and prevent drafts.

Rugs tend to be heavier than your average piece of art, so be sure to secure them well to avoid embarrassing moments.

You should also choose a rug that suits the existing décor. If your home is quite modern and decorated in black and white, think twice before adding a native-designed piece in bright colors that will clash with the existing décor. You should always consider what you like and the existing decorations.

It’s also important that any rug on the wall not clash with the ones on the floor. A good rule of thumb is that if the wall art is complex, the rug should be simple, and vice versa.

3. Canvas is a Fabric, Technically

Canvas is what artists paint on. It also works as a fabric for your wall. Stretched over a wooden frame, canvas retails the fabric texture, which makes paintings even more exciting. Try looking for art in a style that you love to hang on your wall, in the colors that you want. The overall texture will help make your home feel cozier and more inviting.

You can find photographs printed on canvas, as well, which makes this a very good way to turn family portraits or a favorite image into a beautiful stretched canvas and then hang it in your home. While canvas can be framed, most people enjoy leaving it as is to really enhance the space.

Fabric wall art may have evolved quite a bit, but it is still a good way to warm your home, both literally and visually. Not everyone will love fabric art, but it’s a great option if you want something a little different from the standard art options.

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