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How to Hang a Quilt on a Wall in 3 Steps

No matter if it’s patchwork, appliqued, modern or all of the above, a quilted blanket is a beautiful piece of décor that deserves its own place in the home. Whether you want to show it off because it’s a sentimental family heirloom or simply because of its decorative value, be sure to follow these tips for hanging a quilt on a wall!

Sew Pockets.

We’re starting off with this method, since it tends to be the easiest and requires minimal supplies. (It’s also the most portable and versatile out of the three methods listed here.) Use this method for lighter, smaller, thinner quilts.

What you’ll need: Scissors, fabric, sewing machine (or your hands, if you have hand-stitching capabilities!)

1. Cut out squares. Using surplus fabric, cut two square pieces. Make them large enough to be able to align into the corners of the quilt.

2. Baste triangles. Fold each square into a triangle. Decide which end of the quilt you want to be at the top (while hanging), and place one triangle on each corner of that end. Then, baste stitches into the triangles to secure them to the back of the quilt.

3. Use a yardstick to hang the quilt. Once the triangles are basted on, slide a yardstick into place inside the new triangle “pockets.” (The left end of the yardstick should fit into the left triangle, and the right end of the yardstick should fit into the right triangle.) If your quilt is smaller than a yard (which it probably is), simply break a yardstick into a smaller piece – or use a wood ruler. In the space between the triangles where the yardstick is exposed, place command strips; then, flip the quilt around so that the decorative side is now facing you, and press the yardstick to the wall.

Hang with Clamps.

This is another method that should be applied to only smaller-type quilts, as the support is often not enough for heavier quilts.

What you’ll need: Specialized wood hanger with clamps

1. Obtain a wood hanger with clamps. (Before you buy one, check the back of your closet – sometimes, clothing, bedding and linen retailers will include this type of hanger with purchase, so you may already have one and not even know it!) Since the hanger will be visible once the quilt is on the wall, we suggest one with a wood rod for aesthetics, but any durable material will do.

Secure the quilt using the clamps. Most of these types of hangers involve a clip-on mechanism, so attaching and detaching a quilt is as easy as ever!

3. Use a nail for support. Hang the quilt to the nail or hook, and you’re done! (If you don’t already have a nail in place, you’ll have to secure one first for support.)

Frame It.

This method is great for exhibiting your quilts as an art form.

What you’ll need: Frame, nail, hammer

Measure your quilt and frame. Make sure, when studying dimensions of frames, to find one with inner dimensions (the space inside the frame) that are equal to or bigger than the quilt. (Tip: when choosing a frame to buy, you’ll want to consider the function of glass. A glass protective covering to go over the quilt inside the frame will create a more polished look, but may take away from the texture of the quilt. If you want a more rustic feel, go glass-less!)

Place the quilt inside the frame. Once you’ve found the right-sized frame, lay the quilt flat inside the frame’s backing board and secure the frame to the board. (Tip: if your frame does not come with glass, you may find it harder to keep secure inside the frame. Consider a frame with a matte border – while mattes are designed to define the art inside a frame, they can also, in this case, be used to help secure a quilt to the back of a frame.)

Hang the frame. Hammer a nail into a stud in the wall for support, and hang up your new masterpiece! (Tip: Whenever hammering or drilling anything into a wall, it’s easiest to use a stud finder to ensure you’re marking the right place.)

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