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15 Simple Interior Design Ideas Anyone Can Do

'Barely-there' looks that are filled-to-the-brim with serene ambiance.
In a world where information is constantly being fed to us, where digital communication is the norm and the art of conversation is fading away; where the best gauge of one’s social success is reduced to likes, followers and high engagement rates; where A.I. is triggering a faster-paced workflow and jobs become more and more demanding – in such a world as the one we’re living in, finding the time and space where one can relax, rejuvenate and feel at peace is more critical than ever.

A place, in other words, that gives a new sense of relief, of security, to the phrase ‘coming home.’  Because after a long day out in the harried, hurried world, ‘coming home’ should be nothing short of a luxury. ‘Home’ should feel, safe, comfortable, cozy. But most importantly, it should feel like your sanctuary, something set apart from the constant influx of daily stressors, something that divides the ‘out there’ from the ‘in here.’ A quiet place – not only in sound, but in looks, and in feel.

A rare place, where being better, louder and bigger doesn’t equate to being happier, and sitting still for a moment and just being isn’t frowned upon, but encouraged. It’s more important than ever to find such a place as this, a place where beauty is sacred, and every seat in the house – from sofa to chair to chaise – seems to call you by name to caress, warm, embrace you in the softest of hugs.

The most beautiful part about this place is that it’s not some pipe dream. It’s the epitome of a home which manifests simple elegance, a decorating mantra which says less is more and every color and texture is chosen for its clean, reticent essence.

In practice, it asks us to decide, what are the essentials?, and as we answer, keeping only the pieces which bring us the most joy, we bask in the glow of respite.

The rooms here are almost bare and yet feel somehow as if they couldn’t be more full. Serenity flows through each like a river, transforming pieces of ordinary furniture into works of extraordinary art. Float through them as you wish; in a world such as ours, your sanity will most surely thank you for it!

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