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Decorative Jar Ideas (+ the Best Jar Puns You’ll Ever Hear)

The hot new ticket in town is the vintage jar show, and we’re giving you front row seats. Ideas for jar decor, commence!
When it comes to decorating your home, with jars or otherwise, the number-one rule is to have fun. Interior decorating, after all, is all about expressing yourself and making your home the most comfortable place on Earth – jar none!

1. Jar Party

Don’t know what to decorate your buffet with? Go for the jar-and-vase combo, in statement, matching colors.

2. Local Jargon

Adapt to your habitat with locale-inspired decor. On this coastal coffee table, organic beads, beach-native plants and imitation seaglass canisters pay tribute to an oceanic landscape.

3. Jar-Fetched Ideas

When you go for gold decor, you’re guaranteed a living space that dazzles and shines.

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4. Jarred for Life

Vases and jars are often interchangeable; pair them up on your coffee table for layered height and intrigue.

5. Jar-Crossed Lovers

A beautiful blue jar, a breezy woven basket, and a bold star-shaped figurine = the happiest love triangle to ever exist.

6. Jarsey Shore

If you just can’t contain your excitement for the new season of [insert latest reality show craze here], these coastal-inspired jars will do it for you.

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7. Jar Jar Drinks

In all the galaxy, a glass jar is the best drinking buddy.

8. Jar You Kiddin’ Me?

This glossy, boho-inspired design is tugging our, well, jartstrings.

9. Jars of Clay

High school pottery class is all grown-up, with these sophisticated statement jars.

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10. A Streetjar Named Desire

Jarlon Brando (oh yes, we did) gets a run for his money with these show-stealing shelf accessories.

11. Jardinière

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your jardin grow?

12. In Perfect Jar-mony

…And jarst when you thought the punning was over.

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