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Decor Ideas for Aries Zodiac Sign

Create a space perfectly tailored for an Aries' personality and tastes!

About the Aries Sign

Aries (March 21 - April 20) is the sign of the ram. Those born under it are ruled by Mars – meaning they’re action-oriented, energetic and competitive.

Aries Room Colors

Aries is a fire sign, with red being the Aries’ best color. Aries are encouraged to experiment with color; the more splashes of it throughout the home, the better!

Aries Style Ideas

Aries’ best style complement is bold. Think bold colors, bold silhouettes, even bold fabrics (like velvet).

Aries Style Tips . . . Here’s What to Avoid: Avoid too many neutrals, as lack of color can dampen an Aries’ spirit. Also avoid a palette heavy in bright red. Red, of course, is Aries’ color – but in the home, bright red can overwhelm. When decorating, Aries is advised to stick to a palette of darker reds, like burgundy or scarlet.
This sign loves to ‘push the curve’ – testing limits and the status quo. As such, Aries tend to be restless home decorators, always in the mood for ‘redecorating.’ An easy (and affordable) way to satisfy this urge? Wall decor! Think wall art, tapestries, drapes and paint in dark tones of red.

Redecorating feeling costly? To play to the seasonal trends without taking a toll on your wallet, choose one statement wall piece to splurge on. (This could be a big painting, tapestry or wall panel.) This will be the ‘permanent’ piece; keep it front and center. Around it, hang up smaller, more affordable pieces – and swap them in and out as the seasons change.

Aries Wall Decor

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