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Decor Ideas for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Get to know Aquarius personality traits and how to bring out the best of them in home decor.

About the Aquarius Sign

The Aquarius star sign is represented by the ‘Water Bearer.’ Aquarians tend to embrace their eccentricities; they march to the beat of their own drum. As an air sign, they are also humanitarians at heart – with a deep love for nature.

Aquarius Room Colors

As a ‘Water Bearer’ sign, the Aquarius is drawn to the ocean – and colors inspired by it. Shades of blue, with splashes of green and white, resonate well with this sign.

Aquarius Style Ideas

The ocean is an Aquarian’s first love – but really, all of nature plays a vital role in the home of an Aquarius. In terms of furniture, choose pieces that showcase natural wood grains and live edge wood cuts. Decorate with indoor trees and plants, and materials like jute, wicker and rattan. Finally, always remember to draw back the curtains, and let the natural light in!

Aquarius Style Tips . . . Here’s What to Avoid: Avoid artificial colors not typically found in nature, like neons and black. Also avoid clutter – as an air sign, Aquarians thrive in clean, tidy spaces. Create a space that feels open and tidy by making the most of storage: Think storage baskets, storage tables, storage ottomans!
For the Aquarian, wall decor is a no-brainer! Scenes of nature, like oceans and mountains, are an easy way to an Aquarian’s heart! As with all aspects of an Aquarian’s home, strive for a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Forgo anything too gaudy or ornate; embrace simplicity. Finally, go with your instincts, don’t dwell too much on decorating or redecorating. While the nature-loving Aquarian appreciates home and all it represents, he or she will most likely not be spending very much time in it!

Aquarius Wall Decor

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