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10 Bedroom Bench Ideas

When you’re in the home decor refresh zone — if you know, you know — every little corner and space of your house is up for a double-take. Things you’ve passed by without a thought for years (the dusty bookcase, the bathroom wall art, the kitchen chairs) is fair game. Going out with the old and in with the new starts one object at a time. Here, we’re zeroing in on the everyday essential known as the bedroom bench, with 10 ideas to jumpstart your exciting design passion projects in the right direction.
1. Simple
Clean lines, neutral color and floor-grazing silhouette — it’s as close as you can get to timeless style. This style isn’t used as an accent, but for practical purposes (storing, sitting). Use the neutral fabric to create a calm background so that additional bedroom accents can pop; layer a bright throw over this!
An all-star in chic fabrics, velvet makes anything (bench, headboard, pillow) luxurious. Use this velvet bench to show a more feminine side to your bedroom style. The nailhead trim, a detail that has been beloved since the 19th century, feels simultaneously classic and modern.
3. Tufted
There’s something about tufting that turns an ordinary object into a pillowy cozy aesthetic. The way the buttons are pressed into the fabric, the way the fabric between the buttons look bursting with plushness. If you need a ‘wow’ factor, tufted anything will surely pop and make your bedroom feel pulled together.

Grey Benches for the Foot of Your Bed

4. Linen
Sustainable, breathable and durable, linen makes an excellent choice for upholstery. In a beige color on a bedroom bench, this material brings laidback vibes. Finish off with a subtle pump of a fresh, beachy linen spray, a good book, and nothing else to do on a Saturday morning, and you’ll have yourself the perfect, most relaxing space that’s ever been created, in all of recorded history.
5. Black
Go more modern with a black bedroom bench. Fitting for vogue and cosmopolitan styles, this velvet-wrapped shape brings small space-friendly curves. The detail that takes it over the edge, though, is the bottom trim: a slim, popping matte golden metallic that contrasts gorgeously and adds a wisp of glitz.
6. Solid Wood
When it comes to furniture, especially something like a bedroom bench on which you’ll be sitting, lying, balancing, storing and stacking every day, durability is key. Before style and color, look at materials used in the craftsmanship: solid wood, used in the legs of this design, revs up the quality and stands up (literally) to slight roughhousing.

White Foot-of-the-Bed Benches

7. Storage
Perhaps the best use of the bedroom bench is storage. Blankets, sheets, comforters, pillows, sweaters and other off-season clothing can be tucked away nicely here. Unlike a dresser, this is one storage unit you can sit on, lay clothing over and style over with throw pillows and blankets. It’s a great bang for your buck; and, pssst, doesn’t have to be for just the bedroom.
8. Glam
Getting all dolled up isn’t just as it pertains to hair and makeup! A little shimmer and a pop of sparkle can be the perfect razzledazzle your sanctuary needs. Start with some dainty golden legs and perfect with luscious velvet. Finish with an all dazzling white palette and it’s entirely fabulous.

Blue Benches for the End of Your Bed

9. Industrial
Industrial, with its oxidized metal, worn wood and distressed paint, is a vibe. And while reading and writing about a vibe is surface-level knowledge, there’s no better way to live it out than to bring it into the most sacred of style spaces: the bedroom. Trade velvet for steel, gold for bronze and proper sophistication for a little bit of elbow grease and a grounded, working philosophy.
10. Textured
Texture: a wonderful, sometimes feared element of interior design. A little too much, and you may feel as though a little too much clash is going on. Too little, and you may feel more in a cold house than a warm home. With a thread pattern that produces a unique, uneven and brushed look, this bench has just the right amount of oomph to satisfy.

Pink End-of-Bed Benches

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