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How to Buy a Dresser with Mirror

Not much is better than the ability to check out your outfit in the mirror right after you get dressed – but how can you do this if you don’t have a large mirror in your room, and you don’t want to get dressed in the bathroom? The answer is as simple as buying a dresser with a mirror. Here’s how to buy the right one!

Think About Size

As you shop, it’s important to ensure your dresser will fit in your bedroom. After all, you can buy the best dresser with a mirror you can find, but if it takes over an entire room, it’s not going to look nice. So, take a look at your bedroom—and maybe even get out your measuring tape—and determine how much space you have for a dresser.

If your room is on the small side, look into small dressers that fit into nearly any room. If you have lots of space to fit all your furnishings, consider large dressers. Remember, too, that regardless of the size of the furniture, you can choose between three-drawer dressers and six-drawer dressers. This choice should depend on how many clothes you need to fit into the dresser and how you want to organize them.

Pick the Right Shade

Once you’re sure the size is right for your room, you can contemplate the design of the dresser. You’re going to be seeing this piece of furniture every morning when you wake up, so make sure it’s nice to look at! This means choosing a color that fits the rest of your bedroom decor, and is pleasing to your eye.

Fortunately, you can typically find a dresser with a mirror in nearly every color, from white to black – and everything in between. For example, a white dresser is perfect for rooms with a lighter color scheme, while a brown dresser is ideal if you’re into gorgeous natural wood finishes.

Consider Other Design Details

As you think about design, make sure you consider features other than just color, because it’s the little details that really make a perfect dresser. Choose a dresser with hardware you love.

Finally, note the size and shape of the mirror on the dresser you choose. Most mirrors are square or rectangular, but you can find some that are circular. There are even some mirrors that come in more interesting shapes, with arches, curves and even cutout designs.

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