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You’ll Obsess Over These 3 Design Trends from Nate + Jeremiah's Collection

With the launch of Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s upholstery collection for Living Spaces comes the introduction of new color and design trends that will make your season. These interior design stars have their finger on the pulse of all things fresh and timeless, and their pieces feature striking elements and unique details that style dreams are made of. Below are 3 trends taken straight from their collection, and we think you’ll go crazy for them - we sure have!

Nate + Jeremiah designs - texture

Trend 1 | Front + Center Texture

Nate and Jeremiah’s upholstered designs don’t just look beautiful, they feel irresistible. From luxe velvets, to nubby linens to the soft and cozy shearling-inspired upholstery that’s pictured here on their Liv chair, Nate and Jeremiah’s designs are meant to be seen and touched. This fabric is actually 100% polyester that mimics the texture of wool or fleece from a shearling sheep. You’ll also see this fabric on their boho-chic Chloe cocktail ottoman and practical yet beautiful Norah storage ottoman

Nate + Jeremiah designs - legs

Trend 2 | A Leg Up on Style

Like any true designer, Nate and Jeremiah are all about the details. The attention they pay to the smallest of elements is obvious in features like button tufting, channeled backs, unique shapes, sculptural lines and striking legs. Take the stems on their Ames chair and sofa, for instance. These tapered stunners end in glamorous brass caps. As minute as this detail may be, that’s all it takes to elevate a design to new heights of style. And truly, that’s all it takes to make us swoon. 

Nate + Jeremiah designs - arch

Trend 3 | Ode to Architecture 

Both Nate and Jeremiah possess a deep appreciation for pivotal style eras and time periods, as well as influential designers and architects. In fact, several of the pieces in their collection were inspired by specific design movements and works from their favorite artists. The Gwen sofa and chair - two of their most unique items - are inspired by the modern architectural works of Zaha Hadid and Santiago Calatrava, whose structures are heavily influenced by sculpture and movement. They’ve even based elements of the designs on modern-day London.

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