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7 Questions with Jeremiah Brent

We find our Behind the Design ambassador endlessly intriguing, inspiring and full of wisdom, and because we can’t seem to get enough of Jeremiah Brent, we sent a few random questions his way. Read on to see his thoughtful responses.

Living Spaces: If you had to choose . . . New York or Los Angeles?

Jeremiah Brent: New York is the only place I have ever lived where you walk out the front door and feel like you’re a part of the world. I will always love that most about the city.

Los Angeles is all about space, nature and being outside. I love that my daughter can run around, play in the dirt, and that the view out every window is trees. I’m going to settle on a healthy half and half. My heart is in New York, but my soul is in Los Angeles.

LS: Do you tend to stick to one style theme at home or do you incorporate several?

JB: Our home is always a reflection of our travels. It changes and flows based on the places that we have been to and have been inspired by. It’s ever-changing, just like us.

wood table with large mirror room

LS: What do you love most about fatherhood?

JB: Being a parent added a layer to our lives I never knew was possible. My favorite part is looking at the world through Poppy’s eyes and watching her experience everything in her own special way.

LS: Where do you find inspiration and support?

JB: Travel is always my biggest source of inspiration. Nothing compares to seeing how people across the world live, what they connect to and how they tell the stories of their homes. Nate is my biggest supporter by far — everything is better with him by my side.

LS:Where do you feel the most creative and productive?

JB: When I’m locked in my office with my amazing team — that’s the most productive place, and I get the most done.

LS: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

JB: My biggest pet peeve is probably a lack of gratitude. Life is so short, and this experience is so spectacular that I find myself having no patience for people who can’t seem to appreciate it.

Jeremiah and Nate on the beach
beads necklace

LS: Do you have special morning rituals that help you begin the day?

JB: Yes! Every morning, I get up early, make an absurdly strong pot of coffee and try to meditate. Beginning the day without a phone and just the silence of clarity helps me start the day on the right note.

. . . And Some Bonus Questions!

LS: What is your favorite time of the day?

JB: I love mornings. I see it as a chance to realign myself mentally. It’s like a reset button for the mind. I try to give myself a quiet moment every morning to be at peace and embrace the silence before the day begins. Another favorite time is around 4 p.m., that’s when Poppy wakes up from her nap, and the work day is over for Nate and I. That’s when we come together as a family and spend time with each other every day.

LS: What's your guiltiest pleasure?

JB: Sour Patch Kids. All the way. Whenever I have a big install day, you will never see me without a bag of Sour Patch Kids, and my team can confirm this. I wouldn't say it's a guilty pleasure — that stuff keeps me sane.

LS: What's your favorite scent?

JB: I always put a handful of Santa Maria Novella potpourri in small dishes throughout our house. It's such a beautiful blend of fragrant leaves and floral buds that produces this earthy scent — it's very grounding. This smell always reminds me of home.

Jeremiah Brent daughter, Poppy

LS:What place is a must-see in Los Angeles?

JB: The Getty Villa. It's such a beautiful place of architecture, art and nature all in one place. I love strolling around the property, looking at the Greek sculptures and wandering through the gardens. On top of that, the view from the hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean is just as magnificent.

table decor - candles, plate mat, plates

LS: What kind of music inspires you?

JB: Whatever is right for the occasion. I'm inspired by music that I curate whenever we host a party. Music is such an integral part of entertaining. It sets the mood and ambiance for the guests and the direction for where the night will go. I also love fun, energizing music that you can sing your heart out to for the gym or when I'm working. We're always bumping music at our office. I'm currently obsessed with Maggie Rogers. I love all of her songs.

Jeremiah Brent working

LS: What is one thing you do every night before bed?

JB: I always go through my calendar to see what I have scheduled for the upcoming day. Similar to my morning routine, I put my phone away and try my best to give myself some time to unwind and a moment of silence. I always think about what I am grateful for each day, it's so important to me to have gratitude in everyday life.

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