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Exploring a Different Kind of DIY with Jeremiah Brent

I was unbelievably excited to interview Erica Domesek for the second episode of Behind the Design. In case you haven’t come across her incredible creations on Instagram or elsewhere in the Inter-universe, Erica is the creator (emphasis on “create”) of P.S.- I made this, a treasure chest of amazing, innovative, and incredible ways to DIY your home, fashion, mind and spirit.

Her fabulous and surprisingly simple creations include everything from jewelry, to unexpected place settings, to home decor, to bedazzled hot glue guns, and absolutely everything in between.

I arrived at her gorgeous and welcoming studio, looking ahead to great conversation and inspiration. Interviewing Erica felt more like hanging around with an old friend. Prepping and styling her kitchen and dining space, we talked about how she got started with creative crafts, where she gleans her inspiration, and how she likes to impact her audience.

What I love more than anything else about Erica (and trust me, it’s hard to pick just one thing), is that she thinks of herself first and foremost as a storyteller — a point that I obviously connected with immediately.

Her projects aren’t just about making a cool craft to put on her Instagram — they’re larger than that. She seeks out creations that will speak to people, and that others can recreate to tell their own story; whether it’s a piece of jewelry that showcases individual flair or a gorgeous vase that can be tailored to match someone’s perfect party tablescape. She wants people to connect with what they make and tell their stories through those pieces, just as her own story has been told through the objects she designs and crafts.

Exploring Erica’s studio — including her wildly organized craft space — was such incredible insight to her funky yet analytical personality, and our conversation exposed even more. Her attention to detail is balanced by a playfulness that comes through in everything she touches.

It’s no wonder that her creative ideas and projects have spoken to so many people and brought so many individual and diverse stories to light.

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