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His + Hers: Tips for Combining Living Spaces in the Bedroom

By Amanda Holstein of Advice from a 30 Something

Amanda Holstein is the Founder of ‘Advice from a 20 Something’ and ‘Advice from a 30 Something,’ two online publications that seek to help young women in their 20s and 30s navigate through everyday life. When it came time for Amanda and her fiancé to move in together and combine their belongings into their Mill Valley, CA home, Living Spaces was there to help. Read on to find out how they blended two bedroom design styles into one.

When my fiancé and I moved in together, the room we were most excited to work on together was our bedroom. Ironically, this was also the room we had the most differing opinions on. He wanted everything beige, while I wanted everything bohemian. In order to find that perfect balance between both of our unique styles (with minimal arguments), here’s what we did:

Start With a Versatile Bed Frame

The largest piece in the room is typically where I like to start. Though I was loving these extravagant, carved wood, four-post bed frames I had found, I knew that wasn’t his style. So we decided to find something that could work for both of our styles. Something that we could easily dress up or down as our styles change. We ended up with this beautiful beige linen bed frame from Living Spaces. It’s got this soft color and simple lines that he likes, and acts as the perfect backdrop for some of my more bohemian accessories.

Use Your Bedding to Combine Styles

As I was leaning towards prints and he was eyeing solid duvets, we found one that combined both of our styles. This blue is a great color for both masculine & feminine rooms. And with just a touch of bohemian detail around the border, it satisfied my need for character without sacrificing his cleaner style. If you can’t find a duvet that perfectly combines your styles, don’t worry! You can also create a balance by selecting bedding that meets one of your needs and accessorize with pillows & throws that fulfill the other’s.

Go Tit for Tat

From here, we basically went tit for tat. I chose the side tables, he chose the lamps. I chose the rug, he chose the drapes. It’s a simple way to create a balance between both of your styles. Just make sure one of you keeps the look on track. You don’t want to throw in something totally random. The key is to ensure that each piece works with the rest of the room. That’s why starting with the main focus, the bed, is a great way to go.
So if you and your partner are trying to create a space that feels like both of your styles, remember to start with the large items first. Then you can each add in your unique taste as you build the room together. It truly is a great feeling to walk in a room and feel like it reflects you both as a couple!
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