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12 Vintage Wall Decor Ideas That Will Make You Want to Time Travel

Sometimes, a little blast from the past can make your home feel like a portal to the simpler, halcyon days of yesteryear. Here are 12 vintage wall art ideas to make that happen
  • Vintage maps

Studying the hand-drawn lines and coordinates of an old map, it’s easy to imagine yourself walking the cobblestone streets, horse-and-buggy trails, and/or trolley car tracks it portrays. Nostalgia = definitely in the air.

  • Vintage film reel

The perfect accessory for the self-described ‘film buff.’ Walls just got reel stylish!

  • Cassette art

Maybe you’re a history aficionado of more recent history, a.k.a, when big hair, big earrings and big style were in, a.k.a., the eighties!

More Vintage Wall Art Ideas to Love

  • Antique family lineage photo gallery: If you have boxes or albums of old family photos, why not frame them, arranging them in a mini gallery on a hallway or home office wall? This idea is a great way to create a ‘sacred’ space that feels set apart from the rest of your home, while giving you a chance to show off your personal lineage.

  • Wooden wall hangings: Back in the day, craftsmen and artists used whatever materials were easily accessible to them – wood being among the main ones. Art made completely from woodwork throws a subtle nod to yesteryear.

  • Chalkboard art: Hanging up a chalkboard (with a piece of chalk) isn’t just a historical aesthetic – it also gives guests and family members an easy way to express themselves with spontaneous sketches or little notes throughout the day!

  • Distressed iron and bronze: After wood had its moment, the industrial age conquered all. Bronze, iron and other metals, when distressed, straddle the line between urban-vintage and modern-factory feels.

  • Mail wall baskets: Letter-writing may be a lost art, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your part to help keep its memory alive!

  • Clothespin line: Clothespins were the smartphones of the 1800s – without all the megalomania. They possessed a quiet power that enticed people to “show off” their clothes and live in the moment. ‘Unplug’ – and ‘pin up’ your photos and artwork!

  • Record wall: Remember that box of old records from the eighties you found in the attic last summer? Even if you don’t have a record player, and even if none of them have collected any value over the years (because God knows you checked!), don’t throw them out just yet. Instead, hang them up! Dust them off, pick out three or four or 12 or 16, and arrange them in neat little rows on a wall. The result = impressively rad vintage wall art.

  • Macramé art: Okay guys, ‘granny-chic’ is in! But that doesn’t mean you have to go raid Grandma’s closet (and give Grandma a fright) – a simple handmade crochet, macramé, or other woven art piece will bring the vibe just fine!

  • Shadowboxes: The pinnacle of old-fashioned arts-and-crafts, shadowboxes often held intricate designs within them, delighting children and adults alike. Shop featured shadowboxes here, or make your own using plexiglass panels and miniature decor!

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