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Mid-Century Boho Bedrooms That Get It Right

A mid-century boho style bedroom effortlessly combines vintage or vintage inspired pieces with natural elements leaving the space with a cozy and inviting feel that draws you in. By focusing on things like color palette, natural materials, greenery, and textiles, you can transform your room into the mid-century boho bedroom of your dreams. We've highlighted some key mid-century boho design ideas that can be worked into a large or small space to help you bring the vibe you are after to your room. Sticking with these simple mid-century boho bedroom ideas as you intentionally pick out your room decor will have your space feeling chic in no time.
Mid-century boho design often incorporates lots of textural elements that help to cozy up a space. Working in multiple colors, textures, and patterns with throw pillows is a highly impactful way to achieve a boho look. When selecting your throw pillows, you'll want to keep the color palette of your mid-century boho bedroom in mind. Picking a variety of patterns that blend parts of the vibrant, warm color palette from your room will help to maintain a cohesive look. Be sure to mix in neutral color throw pillows is also important as it will help to balance the room feel. Pick neutral pillows that have a lot of texture with things like tassels or pom-pom accents that will compliment the rest of the mid-century boho decor without looking too boring.
A floor pouf is a staple for a mid-century boho style bedroom. They are a must-have especially if you are working with a small space as they are both a mid-century boho design element and offer additional seating that won't take up too much room. If you are using a pouf in a small space they are easily stored under a bed frame if you need the extra floor space. They also look great styled in a living room beside the coffee table as it adds additional seating while keeping a low profile that is less disruptive to the room feel. When picking a pouf look for something that fits your color palette, utilizes unique textiles, and works in lots of texture to complement the mid-century boho style of your other pieces.
This mid-century boho bedroom incorporates many of the foundational design ideas that bohemian design is known for. Your eye is quickly drawn to the patterned rug that ties in well to the room's color scheme. The black metal bed frame used a great complement to the texture brought in with the bedspread and throw pillows. Although the bedspread has a neutral color palette, there is plenty of visual interest with the pom-pom pattern that helps give this room a chic feel. Try using natural materials in your mid-century boho bedroom decor to further liven up your space. The rattan baskets are an excellent storage solution that seamlessly fit into any mid-century boho room. Another key element brought into this space is the patterned wall textile and macrame wall hanging. Macrame wall art is a perfect DIY project that can add a personal touch to your bedroom design.
Intentionally incorporating more minimalist style furniture into your mid-century boho bedroom gives you the perfect backdrop for adding room decor with fun patterns without overwhelming the space. When using minimalist style furniture, focus on pieces that are made of natural materials so that it complements the mid-century bohemian style of your room. Try adding your textural and patterned elements in by using things like a neutral throw blanket with tassels, a patterned rug, a macrame wall hanging, or a bamboo beaded curtain with a fun design. A mid-century boho chic bedroom is a great way to play with different home decor pieces since there is a lot of variety that goes into the style.
A fun bedroom decor idea that balances beautifully with mid-century boho style is a neutral textured headboard. This off-white boucle headboard adds a ton of visual interest to this mid-century boho bedroom and helps to cozy up the space. Work off of strong foundational elements like this by playing with patterns and pops of color that pull from your room's color scheme and add to the mid-century boho vibe. Highlight the unique piece even further by using a duvet in a similar color to the headboard and focusing your pattern and colors in your sheets and throw pillows.
A simple white room can be transformed into an idyllic mid-century boho bedroom by deliberately using impactful interior design elements. You can balance the white walls in your space by doing a DIY white shiplap wall or a painted arch over your bed that uses one of the primary colors from your room's color scheme. Layering more mid-century boho decor on the walls with macrame wall art and a mirror with a natural frame can further bring the walls of your space to life. Another staple mid-century boho bedroom decor element that you can bring in is a unique chandelier. Using something like these tasseled chandeliers aids in elevating your mid-century boho design. If your space gets a good amount of natural light, adding in greenery livens up your mid-century boho bedroom.
If a white room isn't totally your style you can inject some color into your space with a DIY half shiplap, half accent color wall. Be sure to pick one of the main colors from your color palette for your walls. Painting half of the wall will brighten up your mid-century boho bedroom without feeling like too much. Including fun mid-century boho bedroom decor pieces like an embroidered wall hanging, a neutral colored sculptural element, a wall sconce, and potted plants give your bedroom an eclectic feel. The more unique and "found" your mid-century boho bedroom decor is, the more personalized your room will feel. While you brainstorm bedroom ideas, try to think of special pieces you would like to work into your space to curate your ideal room feel. Use a mixture of things you already love and intentionally selected items in your mid-century boho bedroom to achieve that cozy and inviting feeling.
A rattan basket is a simple but versatile piece that is perfect for any mid-century boho bedroom. These could be used as storage for things like your extra throw blankets and pillows, an interesting pot for a potted plant, a laundry hamper, or even as a wastebasket for your desk. Details like this enhance the overall design of your space in little ways that when put together leave you with a perfectly eclectic and cohesive mid-century boho bedroom completely unique to you.

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