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What is Royalcore?

TikTok has seen unusual décor trends over the years, from the university aesthetics of dark academia to the magic-inspired fairycore – but none as lavish as royalcore. Read on to discover what royalcore is all about, why it exists and how to get the look.

Royalcore: A Trip to Regal Courts

Royalcore is the aesthetic of royal life as it was from medieval times to the 19th century. The idea is transformation from home to fortress – complete with throne-style armchairs (high backs, patterned seats), Persian and Oriental rugs and accessories ranging from candelabras, chandeliers, silver platters and full tea sets. Whether inspired by King Arthur’s court, Queen Victoria’s reign or even the fictionalized versions of palaces and lairs depicted in fairy tales, royalcore is all about creating a monarch state of mind.

Royalcore Is No “Joker”

While it’s hard to place how and from whence styles rise and fall (especially TikTok styles, which rise and fall in the blink of an eye and often out of nowhere), one plausible connection owes royalcore’s popularity to the series “Bridgerton,” a period drama revolving around high society in 19th century London. “Bridgerton” aired at the end of 2020 and picked up steam in 2021; almost simultaneously, #royalcore picked up a loyal following, and as of the beginning of 2022 has amassed a total of 259.2 million TikTok views.

Obey the Royal Decree

Maximalist yet niche, it’s easy to see why the style reigns: while the most popular trends over the past five years have revolved around minimalism and the simplicity of nature, royalcore brings with it a storm of opulence, a feast for the eyes. Royalcore, however, isn’t just about objects; it embraces the idea that every person can and should feel like a queen (or king) within their own home. Finally, royalcore decrees that it’s okay to want and experience the finer side of life – especially if that side makes you wake up feeling powerful and ready to take on courts and parliaments (or, at least, the day)!
Ready to start your life as a new monarch? Go for key royalcore looks such as traditional armchairs, traditional chandeliers and, for regal floors, Persian area rugs

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