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Bring a Slice of Tuscan Style Home

There’s no setting that is quite as enchanting as the Italian countryside. We’re talking miles of vineyards, breathtaking sunsets and rustic stone villas that blend seamlessly into the surroundings. Well, we’re about to make your dreams of bucolic European living come true with Tuscan style tips that will completely transform your home. The only thing that will be missing is a glass of vino.

Iron Elements

Tuscan decor is all about the materials, and one of the most commonly used is metal...specifically iron. Whether you want to incorporate iron through a graceful, old-world style bed or global style bookcase, or hang an industrial iron light fixture, there are plenty of ways to add that signature Italian element to your space.

Earthy Colors

Tuscan style homes are characterized by their color palette, which is a mix of neutrals and naturals. Warm tones directly inspired by the landscape - like terra cotta oranges and earthy greens - help bring the outside in, while hues in the taupe, beige and ivory family keep things light and laidback.

Rustic Architecture

Tuscan interior design comes to life through rustic architectural features that add charm, texture and character. From exposed wood ceiling beams, to marble flooring, to natural stone walls, every detail is meant to evoke Italy and add a sense of age and patina to your space. These elements also ensure structural integrity, strength and quality.

Outdoor Living

When defining what is Tuscan, you can’t neglect to mention the importance of the outdoors. After all, Italians are passionate about al fresco living - from unwinding to dining, everything can be enjoyed in the fresh air. That’s why your backyard should be designed to be just as comfortable and welcoming as your home. You can do that through chic outdoor furniture that celebrates your surroundings.

Showcase Space

Tuscan home decor tends to be simple and minimal, so the items that do get put on display must be special. Because of the Italian emphasis on food and cooking, it’s often china, ceramics and pottery, herbs, plants and fresh vegetables that are highlighted via open shelving, cupboards and buffets. It’s the perfect opportunity to show off ingredients and particularly meaningful mementos that have been passed down from generations.

Timber Touches

To truly be considered a Tuscan style house, your space needs one thing and plenty of it: wood. The more distressed, worn and weathered, the better. Rough-sawn timber is the way to go, whether you’re looking for tables, benches or storage. Bonus points for reclaimed wood that’s enriched by knots, nicks and other imperfections.

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