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17 Country Cottage Furniture Ideas

If your perfect home looks and feels fresh, light, flowery and just generally easy and breezy, country-cottage style will delight your senses. This look tends to bring an air of innocence, unfussiness and sheer joy to any residence. When you have a country-cottage style house, you have a clean, comfortable, bright place to call home. If this appeals to you, get to know country-cottage style before you shop for the perfect rustic décor and furnishings to achieve this look.

Light Up Your Space with White or Neutral Shades

If you want a country-cottage home, you have to keep it light and bright. That means nothing intense or dramatic—so dark colors are not welcome here! Instead, you can stick with just plain white, or get a little more daring with cream, beige or light gray. Basically, keep your walls mostly white or in neutral shades.

Granted, not everyone loves all-white homes. If you’re craving some color, you can add some accents by sprinkling pastel shades around the house. Think pastel blue vases on end tables or soft yellow picture frames on the walls for a serene splash of color.

Create Warmth with Wood

The country-cottage style is all about feeling comfortable and at ease at home, and wood furniture always helps with that. But take note that this isn’t the time for rich cherry or mahogany! Stick with lighter wood that looks distressed and shows off the natural grain.

You can also paint your wood furniture white to get that light, airy country-cottage look. Bonus points for using salvaged wood as you decorate your home! An antique dresser is a good example of furniture that would suit this style. You can even incorporate this look in the structure itself, as wide-planked wood floors and exposed beams broadcast the country-cottage style.

Keep It Country with All the Right Patterns

As you shop for country-cottage décor, keep an eye on the patterns you use. Whenever possible, make sure all your pillows, couch cushions and wallpaper have quaint patterns—such as floral, gingham, plaid and stripes.

In country cottage, when it comes to softer home essentials, such as throws and cushions, don’t just look at the patterns. Pay attention to the fabric itself. For this style, it should be mainly cotton, linen or flannel.

Country Cottage Furniture

Get Wild with Animal Wall Art

Invoke fields of rye, bushels and farmland with wall art depicting buffalo, horses and sheep out to pasture!

For Mixed Style, Mix Materials

Country cottage is two styles in one, so it’s fitting that textures and materials aren’t the same across the board. Mix up the look and create contrast with wood, metals and ceramics for a chic twist on both aesthetics.

Country Cottage Bedroom

Try a Metal Bed Frame

Metal can be completely country on its own or completely cottage on its own; a metal bed frame brings out all of country cottage when paired with a charming vintage-style bench and plaid bedding.

Don’t Forget the Pillows

Buy a sham (or make one out of fabric you already have) and spruce up the look of a neutral bedspread. Plaid makes everything a little more charming and makes the perfect country cottage accent.

Keep an Open Space

An open space is fresh, inviting and peaceful (all of which are critical to the style in question). Keep things off the floor and counters minimalistic for a timeless feel.

Contrast Fabric and Wood

Wood furniture is a necessity of country style, but too much wood can feel too hard (and too country). Soften the look with upholstered items; in a bedroom, a cottage-ready fabric headboard does the trick.

Country Cottage Living Room Furniture

Let Nature Live Indoors

Natural elements like sprigs, branches, flowers and living plants are central to country cottage style - and human existence in general! Bring some in via open vase or jar as table or counter piece.

Show Love to Leather

Whether you’re invoking a cottage on a prairie or a cowboy on a ranch, leather is a good you’ll want to keep handy. Ease down the rugged look with a quaint throw blanket!

Let In Natural Light

You can’t touch it, you can’t smell it, you can’t hear it – but natural light plays a huge part in decor. For the country cottage vibes, let it brighten up leather seating, wooden cases and fabric rugs.

Embrace Texture

Cotton, leather, wool, wood, metal – the textures in furniture and decor are like the spices in a dish that bring out the flavor. In the room above, note the soft blanket over the smooth sofa, metal ladder against painted wall and cotton rug over wood floor; all of these contrasts add to the charm of a country cottage living space.

Country Cottage Dining Rooms

Go With Light Neutral for Seating

A softer neutral around a dark dining table plays to the warmth of country and the lightness of cottage. Finish off with a dainty plant centerpiece!

Consider Pedestal Dining

A pedestal table, or table with columnal-like leg bases, adds a traditional air befitting of both cottage and country, especially when made out of the charm that is natural and unpainted wood.

A Shock of Blue

If you’re going to add color, make it blue. Cottage style is calm and quaint, and country favors natural aesthetics; blue is versatile enough to provide subtle energy for both looks.

Top Off With a Wooden Lamp

What’s a well-styled room if it’s too dark to see it? Bring in lighting, but make it work with the aesthetic; this grain-exposed lamp base works wonders for the quaint warmth of country cottage charm!

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