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What Color Rug Should I Get?

Whether it's for your living room, kitchen, office, or patio, getting the right rug can instantly pull the space together into a cohesive style. Some interior designs experts even start with nothing but an area rug in the middle of an empty room to build off of. Your starting point could be an oriental dining room rug or small patterned rug beneath where your coffee table will be, as long as it fits the area and color scheme you have in mind.
Before diving into choosing the right rug color, there are a couple of considerations to make to ensure you'll be happy with the piece before placing the rest of your furniture on top. These small extra steps make a big difference in how well your area rug color fits into the rest of the room's interior.

It All Starts With Style

The style of your rug will change how it looks as well as its durability. Think about where you plan the rug to be. Is it between high-traffic areas? Will it be used in a small space? Does it only serve as a floor protector in an entryway? Areas with lots of foot traffic can benefit from having a rug made with strong material like wool or synthetic blends that are also easy to clean. Part of the rug styles you'll choose from does include some color picking, but on a higher level. Darker colors show less dirt while bright, vibrant colors can bring extra energy into the room.

Make Sure It Fits the Space

It's time to bust out the tape measure and see how much room you have to work with. If your rug is too big and stretches from wall to wall, you've essentially laid out a temporary carpet. Your rug should act as a focal point to break up the room into specific functions whether that be for a play area or dining table. Most living room rugs will be somewhere between 5' by 8' and 7' by 10'. For dining room rug size, you'll want to measure beyond the edges of the table to make sure chairs stay on the rug when pulled out.

Now for the Rug Color and Pattern

The moment you've been waiting for, it's time to pick a color or design that will match your home decor and wall colors while still meeting your practical needs. Start by reviewing your current color scheme and see which colors stand out most. Your rug should be an accent color that complements at least two of the most prominent colors in the room. A shopping tip to help you make the right decision in store is to find a color swatch that matches your primary colors, or simply grab a throw pillow in that same shade and tote it into the store for direct matching!

Once you know the style, size, and color you want, the final piece of the puzzle is choosing whether or not you want that color as part of a pattern. Rooms with large pieces of furniture in solid colors could do well to have a patterned rug to break the visual monotony. Your rug will be the anchor of the room and can completely change the mood felt by you or your guests. If you get to the store and still aren't sure, see if they have samples you can take home the same you would with paint. A high-quality area rug is an investment that will stay with you for years to come so don't take your time, do your research, and make the right choice for you and your home.

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